Sunday, October 13, 2013

What a mess!

First off Kobe's team lost yet another game Saturday.. but I did however bring my camera to capture some footage.. when I'd remember to snap pics that is.. the game was intense and I was stressed again.. Kobe had so many shots on goal but this teensy tiny little girl was standing in the right place at the right time and it would hit her almost every time lol.. But she was so cute.. she would dance after she got hit with the ball lol.. Here are some pics

 This made me proud! :) He stopped to help his team mate out..

Saturday night we headed out to my in laws to my sister in laws 17th birthday party!!. We roasted weinees and My father in law made his famous pulled pork which was oooh soo yummy.. and my other sister in law made cupcakes that were Raspberry swirl with white chocolate mousse frosting.. and then an Italian cream cake that was to die for..

Here is Dukey Boy going down the slide.. Kobe thought this was the most hilarious thing ever lol

Today was a lazy, not get outta your pajamas kinda day... Kobe has been testing our patience lately so his smart alack mouth got him a trip into his HORRIBLE room to clean.. I know your thinking.. why don't you make him clean it? Why Don't YOU clean it? I'm the only one who does clean so his room is HIS job and if its messy then that's his problem.. I just shut the door and pretend its not there .. So I sat in there and made sure it was done right.. no closet stuffin, no under bed stuffin it had to be done and done right.. So Jason pulled everything out of the closet  too.. he was so mad but I hope this is a lesson learned.. however I feel it was more of a punishment for me then him... it took 4 hours to clean.. Why? you might wonder?? what could possibly have taken so long??

THIS! Nooooo... You are not seeing a pic of the city dump.. that's my childs bedroom.. I was so grossed out as I sat in there.. Boys are gross! Soooo about 2 hours later.. we have SOME progress

and finally after tears, stress and frustration
(however Kobe handled it pretty well)
We have THIS!
Thank God that's over...  I guess it was a life lesson for us both.. He now has to pick up his room EVERY night before bed! It gets like that again I'll SCREAM lol

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