Thursday, October 3, 2013

Psycho Soccer Mom?!?!?

 Who me?!?!?
Idk if I'd say I'm a "crazy" soccer mom..
Border line?
I have learned that:
1. I'm very competitive.
2. I love to cheer for my son and do it loudly.
3. I Yell when ppl push my son OR my niece.
4.I'd love to smack that childs parents for him pushing them.
 5. I'd love to smack a coach or two.
and last but not least
6. I'm a "next generation" of my Aunt Denise!!!
I've been told I act like her..
But when I see it for myself especially during a soccer game I laugh..
I'm sure she's proud of me..
As for a crazy soccer mom? nah
But I am a soccer Mom and I love it.. I drive a mini van too lol
When you see me down at the soccer fields I usually look like this:
ok.. ok.. maybe not that..

More like this.. kinda.. minus the mega phone.. However if I had the body of the first picture I'd so wear that to the soccer fields lol I'm sure Kobe won't mind lol
Kobe's past game was intense.. he played against 4 boys who go to his school so it was  pressure for Kobe (I felt like it was at least) of course as soon as we walk up to the field and Kobe goes out to warm up with his team, I'm setting up my lawn chair and I hear 2 of the boys talkin smack to Kobe already.. I get that they are 7 yr olds and they are boys but I wanted to say something.. of course their coach who is standing RIGHT there does nothing... surprisingly Kobe didn't talk smack back.. I was proud of him and told him after the game how proud I was of him not doing it back.. But anyways they creamed us.. our team is.. well?...hmm.. how do I put this? not good. We have a LOT of kids who are just playing for the first year.. some are very good for it being their first year.. bless their hearts they try as hard as they can and that's all anyone can ask for..
Kobe played hard.. he was all over the field.. he was tired.. it was an evening game and he was beat. Literally.. he got knocked down and while he was down a kid stepped on his arm and he got his first cleat mark...
Towards the end of the game they were getting rough.. My poor niece got pushed around back on defense.. but she is aggressive and fought right back.. this one kid would not quit pushing her so I had enough and finally yelled "STOP PUSHING HER" I was pissed lol the ref talked to the boy and told him to stop his pushing.. I was glad that game was over. It stressed me out lol
Of course when Kobe got into the van he was so hard on himself.. He was saying he's not as good as the other team and all this nonsense.. But I talked him up like a momma should.. He felt better after that.. He really is an awesome soccer player.. Him and my niece both are.. they have soccer in their blood.. I played til Jr. High.. My sister played til she graduated HS My brother played til he found a new love.. Football.. my dad coached soccer.. all my cousins played and were good..
He only has 2 more games and then the tourney starts..
We play that team again.. the first game of tourney.. maybe we can win this time..
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  1. Aww, poor Kobe and Liv. I would be going crazy town if a boy pushed my daughter or niece too! It's so neat to see how they have grown and improved through the blog over the years