Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lazy Sunday..

Today has been a lazy day.. this whole weekend has actually..

Friday was me and Jason's wedding anniversary. 2 yrs.. 2yrs? That's all? LOL seems like at least 10 lol.. We didn't do squat.. I was pretty bummed but oh well.. once again his job trumps our plans.
I did however throw myself a pity party and then moved on.. Hey I'm entitled to them, JACK!

So anywho.. something great did happen on our anniversary.. besides my precious son making me a card and giving me one of his stuffed animals..

Miss Kara Leann was born!

Isn't she precious?!?!?!
Saturday afternoon I picked my Mom up and we headed to my Grandma's to wait for my cousin and his precious little family to come over so we could meet Kara! Oh I loved snuggling her! I had to talk myself out of crying when I saw her.. I want a baby so bad that I get emotional when I see newborns.. hopefully I'll get my turn soon.. This little girl is loved by so many ppl already..
She has a very proud big sister and brother...
In between snuggling her sissy and eating candy.. her bubby and Kobe were playing dress up with Kami lol they stuck grandmas wig on Kami..
She is such a little ham!!
After that we went to my parents to watch my dad, brother and brother-in-law (Jason was working) put a new picture window in my parents house.. that was a treat .. but it looks great!

This is their foreman LOL.. Typical Foreman huh!?! lol

I forgot to get the finish product lol.. look for that in my next post sometime
Oh and check out this bottle of meds I got from the pharmacy lol
Can we say HUGE?
That's about all that went on Saturday..
Today was even more of a dud.. I got up bout 8ish made a grocery list.. headed to town and did my shopping.. came home.. did nothing.. then about 4 made taco soup
for dinner... it was a hit as usual!! It was defiantly a rainy and lazy day!

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