Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween 2013

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This year I made Kobe's costume.. He wanted to be a coal miner like his uncle Adam.
So I bought a safety green shirt and Looked and looked everywhere for reflective tape and couldn't find any so I found some white duct tape and went with that lol.. Go figure I found reflective sew on strips at walmart last week.. Uncle Adam let him use his hard hat and Daddy let him use his helmet light and we borrowed Papaws lunch box... I thought he looked pretty darn cute and we got TONS of compliments on it..

I just used Halloween makeup to make him "dirty"
We went Trick or Treating with Amanda and Olivia.. we went to a lot of the safe spots and to family's houses
Of course we carved pumpkins too..

This is my favorite part.. I love the smell, texture, and fun of carving pumpkins :)

 Cheaply made carving tools lol

I made goodie bags for Kobe's class this year for his "Fall Party"
Here is what went in them:
 Here is all the goodies

 Spider Rings
 Plastic skeleton guys
 Bat rings

 Pumpkin gum

 Gummie eyeballs
 Little coloring packs that came with a mini coloring book, crayons and sticker

 These cute bags to put them in..

 I made Kobe and Liv up a special one and stuck them in these CUTE cups!


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