Saturday, November 16, 2013

Welcome Baby Noah, my precious Nephew, Our tiny package from God!

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Sooo Friday morning (the 8th) I was sitting at my parents.. enjoying doughnuts from a new bakery that opened in town when my sister came in about 8:30-9ish.. She stopped in the door way and was bent over and in pain.. She says "I need someone to take me to the hospital for observations for my high blood pressure." So I offered and then she tells us how she thinks she's in labor because she has been sick all morning and in pain.. but she wasn't for sure.. so we head up to the hospital for observations and we get checked in and up to the OB floor.. she get in a hospital bed with her clothes on and hooked up to monitors and a blood pressure cuff.. well her blood pressures were fine up there.. but she tells the nurse finally that she thinks she's in labor.. so the nurse checks her and she is dilated 4  and had a "bulging bag" meaning her water was about to break any minute so they ended up moving her to a delivery room. She was in fact in full blown labor. So she was a trooper and laid there in labor while we waited for the anesthesiologist to come up and give her an epidural by that time Josh had made it up there.. so close to 11 she finally got it and her DR. would be in at noon to break her water and get things going.. so he came in.. checked her.. she was almost a 6.. he broke her water then left.. the nurse was having a hard time getting Noah's heart rate so the Dr. came back in and put an internal monitor on Noah and left again.. so the nurse was watching the monitor and I could tell something was up and she went out to get the Dr, and he came back in.. they adjusted Amanda like 40 times to try to get Noah in the right position and the only way they could get a strong heart beat was if she was on her head.. I'm not kidding.. her head was back down as far as it could go in that bed and her feet were up straight in the air.. after that.. things went sooo fast.. the Dr. decided Noah needed to come out  and to come out now.. so all these nurses, surgical nurses, sooo many ppl came flying.. they threw an oxygen mask on her.. ppl were pushing meds in her.. prepping her for surgery at a VERY fast pace.. there was no getting up there to her either.. Josh and I just looked at each other like we didn't know what to do.. we were floored, scared, nervous, confused, etc. finally it was like a brief moment I could get up there by her.. she looked scared and I patted her on her arm and told her she will be okay.. then I lost it.. some support system I am huh? I was an emotional wreck.. as they took her away to the OR and Josh was changing into scrubs to head to the OR I just sat there in the silent empty room and bawled.. I was so scared for her and scared for Noah.. I managed to call my mom in between crying and praying and told her what was going on and called Shanda and filled her in.. my dad came up there to be with me... as soon as he walked in the doors not even 10 minutes after they wheeled her away they played the lullaby on the loud speaker which meant Noah was here! I cried some more I had several nurses stop in and tell me Amanda and Noah were doing great!! So dad and I got the things together and walked down to the nursery and waited for Noah to come down there.. here he came..

 She held him up so I could see him and get a pic..

I kept telling my dad... He's so little... then she held the card up so I could see his weight and length..
it said 4lbs and 14oz .. 18inches I was shocked he was so tiny.. we've never had tiny babies.. I kept praying he was ok.. and that he would do ok.. I kept waiting for them to put him on oxygen or something and they never did.. he was perfect and healthy just a tiny package from God..

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