Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mommy/Son date!

Kobe and I went on a mommy and son date Thursday morning. Although if you ask Kobe about our "date" he will correct you that it in deed was NOT a date. We just went to the movies LOL. Sheesh 5 years old and is too cool for a "Mommy/Son date" lol He sat so still and didn't move a muscle wouldn't even take his coat off. Didn't even try one morsel of popcorn (He had no idea what he was missin lol) not even one sip of coke.. FULL blown caffeinated coke. He sat there and didn't even change expression on his face.. I whispered to him "Do you like the movie?" I get a quick nod yes, he didn't even look at me... so I offered popcorn, coke, help to take his coat off.. and I got short quick nods of No.. So I let him be... Several times I offered popcorn and a drink and it was always nods of no.. Finally when the movie was about over I whispered again "Are you having fun?" He  turned and looked at me with this huge grin on his face and shook his head yes and then kept looking at me smiling..

 Doesn't he look like he's having fun LOL
As soon as the movie was over we walked out to the lobby and he asked if he could play some video games.. I told him I only have $1 cash so that's all he could play. He played 2 games and was content. As soon as we got in the van it was like a switch was turned on and I had my chatty Kobe back.. ate the rest of the popcorn we brought with us and drank the watered down coke.. and talked the WHOLE way home about the movie and all the parts in it.. I asked why he was so quiet in the theature and his response "Mom, your not supposed to talk in there." hahaha Love this child of mine :)

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