Monday, December 26, 2011

Very Merry Christmas (Day)

We were up and at it by 5:30AM... Why you might ask? Well it wasn't because Kobe was up and ready to tear into presents.. it was Momma! I could barely SLEEP because I was sooo excited for Christmas morning. Last year it was just Kobe and I and we lived in a 2 story apartment and he was down stairs unwrapping while I was still snoozin away.. I was CRUSHED when  he came running in my room to "tell" me what Santa brought him.. He had strict rules this year to not go in the living room, to come straight to Mommy and Daddy's room and wake us up before he even looked in there lol. This year we woke him up..

About 8:30 we went to pick up Clayton and Mikayla and headed to Jason's Parent's house to have Christmas with them and all his sisters. His Dad made pancakes and sausage.. We ate and then opened presents..

We didn't get to stay long though. Which I hated that.. but we had to still have Christmas with our kids at our house before we had to take them back by noon :( So it was kinda rush rush.. So we headed home so the kiddos could unwrap presents from us..

We also went to my Grandparents and had dinner at 5pm but I forgot my camera at home :( so no pics.. But it was a great day!!!


  1. Your kiddos looked like they were happy. Such a cute family.

  2. So glad you had a wonderful christmas!! A house full of love is such a nice thing to see, especially for someone as sweet as you :) oh and BTW, Baby (kitchenaid) is back on the counter :) I cracked up for days about that!