Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And we are still gathering :)

Monday Mom and Dad stuck a turkey in the oven and we all chip in some sides and we all gathered at Mom and Dad's house for another dinner.. After dinner we played HeadBandz That is such a fun game.. and kinda hard too lol.. We all enjoyed it and had alot of laughing

 It took Dad FOREVER to get this "Mushroom"
 Look how hard Mom is thinking.. she was really stumpted on this "Shirt"
This year I made alot of goodies... I made my first time ever Pumpkin Pie..
Look at the perfect color of that crust!!! lol
I also made my Uncle Jeff's homemade Cheese cake.. its very time consuming and made me nervous lol good thing I had alot of Chocolate chips because I scorched the first attempt when it said to melt chocolate and sugar together lol the whole time I was thinking *double boiler* but I didn't do it and what did I get??? BURNT chocolate LOL.. So I threw it away and got smart...

Look how messy it was though? In fact.. look how messy my WHOLE kitchen was...

 Don't worry... Glue and medication was not ingredients in the Cheesecake
Ugh see my puny little mixer?? I sooo need a KitchenAid

I also made mock peanut brittle... this is the BEST thing EVER!!!!
All it is, Karo Syrup, sugar, maybe vanilla I can't remember and Peanut butter.. and pour over Corn Flakes..

Grandma and I attempted Microwave Peanut Brittle.. and we failed.. not once but twice LOL..  We don't know what went wrong.. but the second time was good just not the peanut brittle "look"
 we were going for lol.. I don't have a pic of that.. But I do of the Divinity and Fudge we made...

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