Monday, December 26, 2011

Very Merry Christmas (Eve)

We had a very Merry Christmas indeed! We started it off on Christmas eve with my family over at our house this year.. We actually had the most room and with having two bathrooms our house was the place to have it. Kobe watched the clock ALL day waiting and waiting for 6:00pm to get here. In the mean time we decided to open presents Kobe got to open just one from Jason and I and then Jason and I exchanged gifts.. I got a deep fryer.. I've been looking for a oil thermometer so now I have a deep fryer with a temperature gage on it ;) I also got a food processor.. I've had a manual one I got from Tupperware when I sold it but its about to bite the dust

I got Jason a Real Tree camo seat cover for his truck, a shirt, and a knife that is also a screwdriver.

Kobe got a truck that pulls a camper with hunting guys..

Finally it was time and everyone arrived.. We ate and then onto presents it was.. My family has always opened presents youngest to oldest. So Olivia was first..

She was VERY excited about her Squinkies from Everyone lol except Aunt Annie (me) and Uncle Jason got her Polly Pocket.. which she loved too..
Kobe's turn.. Mamaw and Papaw got him a FULL farm set.. with a barn and a house.. Uncle Adam and Anna got him Lincoln Logs and Aunt Amanda, Liv and Josh got him a John Deere Tractor and Waggon
Anna got several picture frames from Amanda's fam and my fam. Mom and Dad got her a Vera Bradley wallet and Checkbook cover to match her purse Adam got her..
Adam got a deer blind for hunting from Mom and Dad, we got him a knife, and Amanda's fam got him a real nice shirt that was a size to small (but still fit) and he isn't going to let her forget it either lol
I got a Paula Dean Casserole cooker, silverware, and cooking utensils from Mom and Dad, Paula Dean baking dish from Amanda's fam and Paula Dean pie dish from Adam and Anna

Jason got a Deer Hunting blind from Mom and Dad, camo shirt from Amanda's fam and Camo sweats and shirt from Adam and Anna..

Amanda got a Coach purse from Mom and Dad, Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses from me and my fam, and cookie sheets from Adam and Anna.

Josh got a real nice fishing pole from Mom and Dad, Oakley Sunglasses from us, and long johns from Adam and Anna

Dad got a couple pajama pants from Adam and Anna, a meat grinder from Amanda's fam, and a small trashcan full of peanuts from us.

Mom got several jammies from Adam and Anna, Pajama pants from us, necklace from Amanda's fam

We had a good night.. I love when my family is all together... we are a VERY close family and I love it..

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  1. Your family seems very close. I can tell that you guys have a great time when you're all together. It sounds like there's going to be some good stuff coming from your kitchen in the near future. ;)