Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leavell's Christmas

Today was Leavell's Christmas.. it was a real good time.  We play "Dirty Santa" every year and its sooo much fun.. I had to put up a good fight for the gift I wanted though.. A Gooseberry Patch cookbook! My Aunt Shellie opened one first and I decided not to take hers.. being a good niece that I am I choose another gift.. unwrapped it and low and behold it was the SAME cookbook my Aunt got. Well come my Aunt Donna's turn  She came and stole mine :( so I went and stole my Aunt Shellie's.. So I once again had a cook book again.. UNTIL my Great Aunt Joyce came and stole mine again.. So I went and stole mine back from my Aunt Donna which made it dead and MINE!!! ALL MINE! lol Poor J-Bird got a nice set of Candy Cane candles lol..... We just bring a gift for Kobe to open which I got him a Firetruck that lights up and makes sounds. He loved it! We all had a really good day ;)

Also I tried a hairstyle I got off Pinterest I thought it looked cute if I do say so myself LOL
Here is what it was supposed to look like..

Here is mine

Not as cute but kinda similar lol


  1. You will also be able to begin with the proper male/female connections, ever drape led lights and end up with a pair of female ends.

  2. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all the bloggers I read :-) Hope its a good one, Andrea.
    P.S Our gift swap/stealing always ends when it gets to my grandma, because nobody can steal from her.

  3. Merry Christmas to your famly too Beth. My Grandparents are the biggest "stealers" in the game LOL