Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Party Time!

Sunday I threw a small party for J-Bird. It was really nice. Simple but nice. I made buffalo Chicken dip, and a ham and cheese bread ring.. although the ham I used and the cheese I used wasn't very good.. but must have been ok since it was all gone lol. We also had chips and Salsa, deer summer sausage/cheese and I made Jason his favorite cake .. Carrot Cake. I only invited family because of the small space I have but it was perfect room for all that were here. My parents, Jason's parents, my sister Amanda and Olivia, Angie (J's sister)and her son Evan, Maria (J's sister) and My brother Adam. This was the first time both our families were together for a get together :) of course we were missing 2 of Jason's sisters and Adam's gf Anna but it was a great time.. I love that I FINALLY have a husband where his family is just as awesome as mine.. it makes things so much better.. I only got one pic taken tho.. I guess I can't man the camera AND be the hostess with the mostess ;)

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