Friday, July 26, 2013

We are getting closer..

I just registered Kobe for school on the 24th..
 School starts in a few weeks!!
Summer has FLEW by, too fast!!
I feel bad that we didn't get to do everything I had planned to do this summer but I have a job this summer which stinks only because we couldn't go and do like we usually do but thats okay.. we managed lol.
We finally got to go school supply shopping! Kobe's list was pretty simple this year except he needed a ruler. I don't know why but that just seems like a "big kid" thing.. I mean he is 7 1/2 he's becoming a big kid and it makes me sad.. 2nd Grade seems soo old too lol
We had a great time shopping though. Check out these awesome shoes he picked out from Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has stepped up their game and have gotten lots of cool stuff in.. They even carry FUBU. Plus I refuse to pay a lot for Kobe shoes because he is SO hard on them. He'll have to go through another pair if not 2 more before the school year ends.. and I know your thinking well buy name brand and they will last longer.. WRONG! He's had Sketchers, Nikes, Pumas, New Balance, Adidas, you name it he's had them and they last just as long as these $15 Wal-Mart shoes
I tried to get him to get a pair of "boat shoes" as I call them.. like the knock off Sperry's ya know like these
To wear with his khaki's shorts and stuff.. when I showed them to him he looked at me with this *Are you freaking kidding me* look and says "Uuuhhh no (how Si off Duck Dynasty says it), I can't wear my camo with shoes like THAT" hahahaha if I didn't know better I'd think he was Jason's biological son lol.. so needless to say we didn't get the Sperry knock offs..
Speaking of him and his camo.. that's the theme of his school supplies this year..
RealTree and Mossy Oak folders, camo pencil pouch, camo ruler, camo scissors 
even camo clothes lol.. although check that shirt out.. he didn't buy this for the camo he bough it because it talked about the Lord. This child has a love for him that makes a mother proud. We don't go to church on a regular basis like we need to and now since we moved we have a Catholic church a few doors down but I'm not Catholic and then we have a Mennonite church down the road but I'm not that either same for the Amish church behind our house so we'd have to make a drive. I wish there was a church closer to us. But I love that Kobe still has such a strong love for him.
Speaking of the Lord, Heaven got a wonderful lady on July 23rd. Jason's grandma passed away. I love her. She was so funny and reminded me sooo much of my Great Grandma Hobson both her personality and looks. I'll always remember The first day we met. Jason couldn't wait for me to meet his grandparents.. I was a nervous wreck.. I'll always remember she kept talking about how pretty I was :) We bonded quickly and we always ganged up on Jason and teased him.. she always told me how I was good for him and someone needed to straighten him out lol.. I'm glad she felt I was the one to do the job lol.. the next couple days are going to be hard..
I secretly snapped this precious pic of Jason and his Grandpa chatting.. sorry baby I know your reading this but it was too good to pass up ;)
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  1. i have to do back to school shopping for my oldest two kids. we did staples and i got MOST of the list... my kids school is quite specific on what they need.
    all i have left to get are composition books, scrapbooks, and a few other little books. ALL the ones i found had either too many pages, or not enough pages! and the silly triangle pencles and crayons. $7 for cryola triangle crayons!