Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oooh Its the middle of JULY!

 Here it is the middle of JULY and I'm playing "blog catch up"go figure! First off I now have Internet at our house WOOHOO!!! This makes me very happy.. It doesn't take much ;) Hopefully I wont have to wait so long in between blogs now.. Now onto some catch up..
A big announcement:
I will have my first nephew coming the end of November.. My sister is having a baby.. I'm sooooo excited and I can't wait til he's here..
Noah Joshua
So I'm not planning a baby shower for him and hims mommy!
How fun right? I love party planning and I love babies so this is like the best thing ever!!
We celebrated Father's Day..
Here is Kobe picking out a FD card for Jason.. it took him forever to pick one out.. He wanted him to have "the most special one" there was.. We didn't have a get together for some reason.. but we did take my dad to his favorite breakfast spot which is Shoney's.. it was really good.. then we headed to Rural King and spent hours in there. For father's day we got Jason a new hunting knife.. like he needed one lol he's got a ton but Kobe insisted he needed a new one, we got him a gun case for his pistol..
Jason's Sister Sarah got married back in June.. She lookes BEAUTIFUL! The wedding was perfect. the reception hall looked gorgeous.. it was all around a good night.. The kiddos were in the wedding looking adorable as ever! Here is Miss Mikayla  in her dress her Aunts made her.. She looked adorable even though she was "so itchy" as she kept telling me lol..
How CUTE are these kiddos! They did sooo good in the wedding and were so well behaved I was proud of them.. 
 Look at these two pretty PRINCESSES hahaha.. We both agreed that day we were Princesses and now I look at this pic and I can see why we think that.. even though my boob looks like its falling out in this pic.. but I love this pic with this sweet baby girl..
Then there is this handsome dude who I love more than words can describe.. He thought he looked pretty good that day and didn't want to change out of that outfit lol 
Awww our little family!! 
Kobe is about to wrap up his summer reading program at the library.. I'm so proud of him.. He did the whole program.. he even did the "extras" to get extra tickets to win prizes.. 
The End of June we celebrated my parents 35th wedding Anniversary ..35 year is such a big accomplishment.. anymore.  We got them this swing that Mom has always wanted..
as you can see our model lol Mom loves it...
Our Garden is doing ok.. we had some green beans.. not enough to mess with.. But we do have ears on our corn.. and some cucumbers.. our potatoes and onions look to be doing ok.. we'll see though..
We finally made it into the "Get your mailbox smashed Club" 
We celebrated the 4th of July at our house.. Jason grilled BBQ chicken on the grill, the weather was perfect we even got to sit around the fire while we waited for fireworks.. when it started to get dark Jason let off fireworks ... we bought a big pack thinking we had good ones.. come to find out they were all fountains.. oh well the kids loved them.. Our neighbors however had awesome fireworks.. after every one left our house we took our lawn chair and sat in our front yard with our neighbors and watched the other neighbors fireworks.. They had some big and awesome fire works and the finale (sp?) was better than most I've seen...
We surprised Kobe with a trip to Wal-Mart  to get a new bike!! 
We Celebrated Jessica's (Adam's GF) 25th Birthday with a cook out at their new house..
We went blackberry picking.. well the guys did the most pickin.. but we got enough to make a couple cobblers ;) 
That's about it for now.. hopefully it wont take too long to update again.. my 30th birthday is coming up.. Waaaah.. I don't wanna be 30.. doesn't that sound so OLD!!!! Oh well until next time.. 

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