Sunday, July 21, 2013

Its THAT time of year again...

MY FAVORITE time of year.. Back to School! Not because my child is driving me crazy as you might think.. even though last week I was about to go CRAZY and reminding myself how many days were left of summer. My reason is because I've always loved school supply shopping.. I was totally bummed my senior year because it was going to be my last year school supply shopping.. Then when you have kiddos you get to do it all over again! Last week we went with my parents to E-ville to my dad's appointment for his carpel tunnel surgery. We had a good day.. we went to Dick's Sporting Good's and TJ MAXX in between appointments.. Then after the 2nd appt we headed to Golden Corral to eat Lunch.. it was so yummy!  Then we headed to Toy's R Us.. while we were there they were having a special on backpacks.. It was buy any backpack starting at $12.99 and get a free lunchbox ($10 value) I thought that was too good to pass up.. so Kobe picked out this awesome set

As soon as I get another child support payment (whenever that will be) we are going school clothes shopping in E-ville.. TJ MAXX had so many clothes I wanted to get Kobe.. but funds were tight. I fell in love with a back pack at Dick's but when I saw the price tag I put it back on the rack and stepped SLOWLY away from the $107.00 back pack!!! YEH isn't the ridiculous?!?!
Anywho.. as soon as we get our school supply list I'll get to enjoy the school supply shopping..

We had a pretty relaxing weekend.. Jason had to work Saturday so Kobe and I cleaned the house and hung out in our jammies then decided to go out and swim.. Well kinda..I've never been in our pool yet...and Me being the chicken I am started up the ladder to the pool and got to the top and went in to a panic attack?! It was like I froze and didn't know what to do once I got up there.. I was sad and aggravated at myself for being like that.. especially seeing my son bummed because Mommy wouldn't get in with him because she has serious anxiety issues.. he kept saying "com'on mom, face your fears", "You can do it, I know you can" as I sat in the lawn chair watching him swim and bummed because I wanted to be in there and I attempted it several more times and just couldn't do it.. So when Jason got home I was telling him about it and you know him, being the supporting hubby he is, he teased me lol.. So today I asked him to help me.. so when I got to the top he held my hand until I got situated and felt secure to make the move and I did it..Kobe cheered and I was so happy to be in there with him too.. I wasn't too nervous about the time to get out until he wouldn't give me his hand and made me do it on my own and I was fine.. I "faced my fear" as Kobe said.. Isn't it ridiculous that I couldn't even climb a 3 foot ladder?? I don't know if I'm afraid of heights? or the flimsy ladder? or the fear of falling? or all of the above? but its silly and I hate having anxiety.. I have started back on my meds thank the good Lord.. hopefully that will be getting better!

Some of us shoulda wore sunscreen lol
Anyhow.. back to our lazy weekend...
Saturday night we had Chicken Fajitas for dinner.. first time I've ever made them.. Actually first time I've ever had them.. They were a hit with my guys! Kobe even liked them.. I'm sure we'll be having them again sometime.
Today I was woke up at 7:30am by a hungry Kobe who couldn't pour his milk in his cereal because it was a new jug of milk..(yes he's a self sufficient child) so I got up and helped him and then just stayed up... got a bath and dressed then Kobe and I rode the 4-wheeler while Jason mowed.. then after that Jason cleaned to pool and then we all got in the pool and spent like an hour and half in there playing games and trying to teach Kobe how to swim.. we had a good time.. we had soup and grilled cheese for dinner! 80-90 degree weather and we are having soup lol it tasted good though and was quick and easy... Now to get ready for bed and face a new week..

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  1. I also LOVE school supply shopping haha. I thought I was the only weirdo that enjoyed that.