Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to Square one..

I had blood work again on Tuesday... However it went okay.. better than before.. One stick this time but once she was in the blood only dripped in and then stopped but they got enough to test my levels. I didn't hear from the doctors office until almost 5. But my levels were down to 16 so no more blood work for me. I'm assuming that once I have my normal visit from that hag "Aunt Flo" We can start trying again..

I had to go in the spare room the other night to switch the blinds from Kobe's room with the spare room.. I walked in and there the room was set up like a nursery. We had bought a changing table off Facebook and it was in the room and on top was the boppy I had gotten free, the bib I purchased, and the pacies that Mom had purchased..Then there is the all white dresser that matches the changing table.. It made me sad.. but most of all it made me determined.. Eager to try again and get that baby I know we will be blessed with. I can't wait to try again.. although I am scared but its not stopping me one bit. I pray it will happen fast and things will be just perfect this time.. I've started taking prenatal vitamins and I was told men should take folic acid so I'm going to get J-bird some to take.. So fingers crossed and prayers flying....


  1. I am so praying for you guys! You will get your little blessing, I am positive! Love you!

  2. Glad to see you are finding determination from your trials! I liked to read the book of Samuel when we were trying to build our family. Put some peace in my heart!

  3. Praying for you!! By the way I love your new house and that view is amazing!!!