Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday America 2012!

I hate that I don't blog for so long that I have to cram everything into one blog.. But until I blog like I should I'll continue to cram :)

First off lets go back to June 21st.. however I don't want to go back because my brother was on his way to work about 5:30AM and was in an accident with a semi. Thank the good Lord that he was with him and Adam was able to walk away from the accident with out even the littlest scratch on him. He was sore for a couple days after but that was it. How often do you hear someone surviving a wreck with a semi? Not too often.. I cried for a good 2 days afterwords... the thought of "what if" always crosses your mind.

We are a VERY close family and I've always been so protective of my little brother.. and this really shook me up.. not to mention the phone call I got later that night from him.. Him calling to tell me he loved me and that he was so very lucky and was just calling to tell me that he loved me.. I bawled after that phone call.. I bawled days later.. thinking about his "i love you" phone call.. He has such a tough guy exterior but we, his family, know the real Adam. We knew how scared and shook up he was and that broke my heart too.. the thought of him being so scared and being there alone til Mom got there.. Now dangit.. I am crying AGAIN.. so on to the next subject..

Right now I'm waiting on a phone call about my #3 round of tests. They were checking my pregnancy levels again to see if they went up.. Praying they did and my little peanut is just fine.. This round of tests were awful.. which was my fault.. I had not drank enough liquid before I went.. which means my veins are NON-existent.. the nurse tried 4 times.. then went and got me a capri sun lol
So I sat and drank that.. then my sister who works there came in and wanted to try.. she didn't get it.. so then the nurse came back in and put a hot compress on my forearm and a vein popped out and she was able to get it.. YAY! So 40minutes, a Capri Sun, hot compress and 6 pokes later we had BLOOD lol.. now you all see Why I hate blood work and literally CRY when I have to do it.. which I will admit this was MY fault for not drinking like I should have.. I will NOT forget next time lol.

I made for the 2nd time home made chimichangas... click **HERE** to go to my other blog and read about it and get the recipe. They were so much better this time lol I followed the "rules" aka recipe for deep frying lol.

Summer Time = Fresh Veggies! My in laws have a big ole garden.. and they always give us some yummy produce! I love them for this! I love them anyways but this is like adding an extra cherry to your sundae lol!

For the first time we went and watched fireworks at Boggs.. they were really good and I thought it was soo cool seeing all the boats on the lake.. We enjoyed them but it took us an HOUR to get out of the park.. it was crazy!

Of course we have a 4th of July celebration every year with my family.. this year it was at our house.. it was soo HOT but my good looking hubs did the cooking.. manning the grill in 100°+ weather.. We had a good time.. Later my brother set off fireworks for the kiddos before we headed to the park to watch the big fireworks which were by FAR the BEST Washington has ever had, that I can remember. I was very pleased.. and then of course my favorite part is everyone cheering after the Grand Finale.. for some reason I love that..

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  1. I love that you took a pic of your Capri Sun lol. Teared up when reading what your wrote about Adam. He is so lucky!!

    You have been on my mind all day, hoping for great news for you!! Love you!