Sunday, July 8, 2012

Produce over load..

My wonderful in-laws supply us with produce during the summer.. we get an abundance of green beans, tomatoes, zucchini and bell peppers.. We really have been wanting Corn on the cob so we went to the local produce patch and got a baker's dozen of their Ace's high sweet corn and I couldn't pass up cantaloupe... sooo The other night we made fresh green beans, oven baked corn on the cob and baked zucchini chips with cantaloupe for dessert.. no meat.. which is odd for this house.. But it was a very yummy meal.. The corn was soo sweet that the cantaloupe that was very sweet (tasted several pieces as it was cut up) didn't taste as sweet after we ate the corn lol.

I had my first, very own, all by myself, yardsale.. I mean Jason helped.. but usually I have a yardsale with my sister and she does all of the prepping and setting up stuff.. we did pretty good.. Kobe even made his own $10.75.. he was excited.. It was sooo hot! Even at 6:30am it was so hot and humid.

We could possibly be moving again if things go the way they should. Kobe could possibly be going to *GULP* Barr-Reeve.. AHH! Never did I ever think those words would come out of my mouth.. We are HATCHETS lol and always will be lol. Just kidding.. it will be fine if it comes to that.. But I miiiiiight just keep him here in Washington School since I'll be coming here to keep the kiddos I babysit for..since Mom and I keep kids together we will just  keep them at her house so no one panic we'll keep your precious kiddos still, even if I move <3. But nothing is final yet.. this however will be a HUGE move for us.. huge as in.. huge like FINALLY. Finally we will get out of this trailer park.. I'm not saying I'm too good or anything like that.. but my husband is a country boy and this small space living was not for him... but if this doesn't work out then we will continue to be content until something else comes along.. We'll be moving to the big ole town of Cannelburg.. THAT my friends is the closest thing to Mayberry anyone can get lol... I'm sure we'll become regulars at Dinky's LOL.. I laugh however I'm NOT kidding lol.. we'll live right down the road from it.. My first purchase will be a goat LOL Kidding kidding.. I'm not an animal person.. any how we'll see how things go.. we sure have our fingers crossed!

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  1. AAAAHH!!! *I* will get a goat and keep it at your house! Perfect solution!! LOL

    Hope everything works out for your move. Fingers crossed for ya!!