Wednesday, July 25, 2012

..In with the new!

We are all moved and I wished we could say unpacked as well.. however I am unpacked except for the living room wall decor and our bedroom.. The kitchen and Kobe's room are completely unpacked and have things put away. Its so over whelming getting things together and making it feel like our home.. although I LOVE our house! I'm so happy with it.. I can't wait til the newness wears off and its "normal" to us all..

This is the view from our back yard! Sooo peaceful!
My wonderful Husband and cousin stayed home from the wedding this past weekend to move all the stuff.. I came home to a fully moved house and my hubby had unpacked Kobe's bedroom and the living room :) I was sooo very thankful!

My cousin TJ got married this past weekend.. His wedding was beautiful and  very personal.. I loved it! However My sister and I had to serve cake and O..M..G that was a disaster lol THANK GOD for my Aunt Donna who came to our rescue lol.. we were told to start at the bottom and work our way up LOL WROOOONG lol my Aunt runs over and quietly says your girls are gonna make the cake fall if you do that.. so she took over the cutting.. I'm sooo thankful for Aunt Donna she saved us.. the cake was melting before our eyes lol.. the icing was running and the cake was just crumbling into dust.. it was a mess but people still ate it lol we had icing EVERY where.. AGAIN sooo Thankful for my Aunt Donna who came to the rescue...

Beautiful cake...
The After math.. Bahaha sorry Lisa and TJ... it really wasn't our fault... the cake was too warm..

 But we had a good time.. We enjoyed seeing cousins that we only get to see on holidays..

Our hotel was nice.. it had an indoor pool which Kobe loved and got to get in 2 times

He is still so afraid of water.. he tried taking his floaties off but he ended up with them back on.. I know he felt silly cause he was the only "big kid" (between his cousins) that couldn't swim.. I really need to teach him or put him in swim lessons.. he tried his hardest to swim.. it broke my heart... After the wedding we headed back down to the pool at 10:30 and swam with all the cousins til they kicked us out of the pool about 11:15pm...

Still trying to decide on which school Kobe is going to go too.. I'm thinkin more towards Barr-Reeve but I don't know.. Like I told my sister-in-law.. I'm a nervous wreck. I'm a creature of habit and I don't like new things.. I'm trying to weigh all my pros and cons..

Here are some pics from this past week(end):

The Newly Weds
Kobe trying to catch the football with the garter on it..
Mom and Dad during the couples dance

Free Breakfast at the hotel.. the biscuits and gravy were good.. eggs not so much lol..

Kobe and Liv havin breakfast at the hotel and enjoying each others company

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