Thursday, August 2, 2012


Why am I stressing out so much about this whole Washington/Barr-Reeve school thing??? Working in Washington and being here all the time I feel like Kobe needs to came here with me.. and go to the school that is basically a block away.. If he would go to BR then I would have to drive there to get him and bring him back to work with me (which is fine) but that would mean I drive from Home (15 mins from work) to work then after school drive half way home to get Kobe then come back to work then drive another 15 mins home after work.. thats too much driving.. am I right? and I dont have the most reliable vehichle... But then I think .. well what if one morning I go out and the van wont start and I can't make it to Washington then what? Kobe just doesnt go to school that day?? uuugh seriously this is making me crazy.. Im not kidding.. Its all I think about.. Jason says.."Just pick one, its not that big of a deal." Yes it is.. to ME! Too ME it is.. Maybe I'm over reacting.. Maybe I over think. Maybe I'm a spaz! who knows.. But I do know it makes my stomach hurt thinking about all this.. I have a slight panic attack.. Then a facebook friend posted an innocent status and in the status it said " start in one elementary and be able to stay there with the friends she makes and not have to jump around from school to school..." ... I just start bawling.. Its like WOW thats sooo true and My son isn't going to know anyone.. except Jason's nephew.. He's made so many friends in Washington.. He's going to have to start that whole "new" process over again.. I hate new, I hate changes, I have the urge to cry right now as I'm typing this.. I know my hormones are out of wack.. not being pregnant, then pregnant, now not pregnant again.. They are going haywire inside me and I don't like it..

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  1. You need to read over what you wrote, dearie. This post was pro-Washington except for the worry over your van not starting. And that scenario could happen even if he went to Barr Reeve. Your hormones haven't normalized, you're overwhelmed and stressed out by life's ups and downs, and you're trying to do what's best for your child -- you have every right to be emotional. It is a big decision, but like I said earlier today, he is still young and you can take your time to make the final, permanent decision as to where he will spend the remainder of his school years if you need to. And if that means Barr Reeve, you can keep him in touch with his friends from Griffith with playdates and such. Either way, it will work out, and you will all adapt. Love you! And again, sorry we caused you to be upset from that status :(