Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catch up..

Mother's Day was a success! Jason let me sleep in both Saturday and Sunday.. THAT right there was the best part of my gift lol. Although my precious guys still showered me with thought full gifts.
Kobe made this at school. He came in the house smiling from ear to ear. He was soooo proud. Then told me that several kids on the bus tried to destroy it and he cried and a big kid told the others to stop.. Why are kids so mean?

Jason got me these gorgeous daisies.. I love daisies.. they are my favorite flower.. I'd take a Daisy over a Rose any day... and of course my Hallmark Blooming flower.. from the guys .. I love them.

We had a cook out at my cousin Jacob's house. The kids swam and had a good time.. it was only in the lower 70s that day and Jake just filled the pool up but that did not stop the kids lol. Although they were shivering they stayed in for a little bit.

This past Thursday night was Clayton's preschool program.. he did soo good.. I had to try so hard not to burst out laughing at the kids and their screeching singing LOL


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