Monday, April 30, 2012

Last day of April

This weekend went ridiculously FAST. I'm sooo tired. When the alarm went off at 5:30am I heard Jason grumble and say he's sooo tired and felt like he didn't get any sleep last night. I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep.. I remember him kissing me goodbye and that was it.. before I knew it my alarm was going off at 6:40.. I hit the snooze. Rolled over and in came Kobe.. "Mom, will you go get me a Capri Sun? I'm scared to go get it." that's when I knew my day was starting.. I was extremely tired.. I couldn't imagine how J felt. He worked a 50 hour week then helped my dad on my parents bathroom they are redoing. He worked hard all weekend. We both decided when we were sending out Good Morning texts that this house was in for an early bedtime tonight.. Hopefully Kobe will be on board too.

Speaking of my parents remodeling their bathroom. They are totally gutting out the bathroom and redoing it all. The fun part is I'm helping Mom pick out things for the bathroom. I picked out the flooring (of course "ok'd" it with Mom) we picked out a theme. As soon as I can I'm going to do the painting in there. I'm pretty excited. Mom is ready for it to be completely done. This is their 2nd week with no shower. They have been coming here every night to shower. This weekend they went one night with out a toilet even. The guys (Dad, Jason and Adam) are working hard to get it done.
Friday night Kobe spend the night with Mamaw and Papaw. He's to the age now where he asks Mamaw to spend the night. He loves staying of there. He's a major mamaw's boy. Jason was out on the river with Dad and Adam so I had a quiet relaxing couple hours to myself before J got home. When he got home we decided to go rent a few movies out of the Red Box. We rented Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler.. it was funny but stupid. We also rented The Sitter wit Jonah Hill that was VERY stupid.

Saturday morning Jason and I went yard sale'n. we found some good finds. I got Kobe 7 pairs of underwear (I knew the owner that's the ONLY reason I got them LOL) for $0.50, a baseball helmet with face mask for $0.50 (those are $20 in store) a head board for his bed for $2.00, a DS game for $5, Jason got a weedeater for $3. I thought we did really good.

Kobe had a soccer game at noon. He didn't play to his full ability but still played excellent. He scored one goal this game. This game was a bit more of a challenge then last game. We played my niece's team which my sister is the coach. So that kept my parents on their toes lol. My niece played really well.. I hope she gets a goal soon. she tries soo hard. I'm glad we only play them once because it was not fun having family on the opposite team lol.

After the game we headed over to my parents so Jason could help with the bathroom. A storm came in with some nasty ol weather. We had quarter size hail and 80-90mph winds. There were Tornado Warnings and everything. It was pretty scary for a bit.

 About 7:00 we came home. Ordered Bobe's (I didn't cook all weekend Ahhh..) and headed to bed not long after dinner.

J-Bird let me sleep in til 9:45... I love him. He came and woke me up and brought me breakfast pizza :) I showered and Dad called to see if we wanted to ride to Lowe's with him and Mom. Of COURSE! I LOVE Lowe's. I got a hanging planter that I'm going to put pretty flowers in ;)
I love the looks of these once they have flowers in them. I was hoping to have mom pick out some flowers for "me" which were actually for her for her birthday but Lowe's didn't have any "I" liked lol.

Kobe got an awesome bird house to build at Lowe's. He was sooo excited to get home and do this.
I kinda was too lol. So as soon as we got back to Mamaw and Papaws we HAD to do it.
He did such a good job and was very proud of it. I was proud of him too..

I'll have to take a picture later of the finished product on our tree here at home..

Mom Kobe and I went out to walmart to fine "me" some flowers. By this time I had decided I'd just use the basket I got myself at Lowe's and fill it with her favorite flowers and then just get myself another basket later on.. but Mom kept going on and on about these flowers she had found (Gerbera Daisies) how she loved them and was going to get some soon. So I knew thats what we were going to get her. When we got back to her house I asked where she wanted them. She thought I was kidding and was SOOO happy when she found out I wasn't kidding lol. I'm glad she loved them and had no idea they were for her.. little did she know she was in for more surprises later that evening lol

The guys headed out to the river to check on their bank poles. So Mom, Kobe and I headed to the nursing home to feed my grandma dinner. Kobe is such a big help when it comes to helping Grandma eat.
After we left the nursing home.. I had to go home and fake going to the bathroom because I was waiting on everyone to get to the restaurant for Mom's surprise birthday dinner. After I got the clear that everyone was there and ready I headed out to "Dollar General" to get "trash bags" or so that's what I told mom lol. We pulled into El Mazatlan parking lot and of course she spotted Amanda's Jeep. "Is that Amanda's jeep? It is!" "what are we doing here? are we going in" Me- I was cracking up at this point and said just come on.. so we went inside and she was totally shocked lol.. It was great! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hill, Amanda, Olivia, Adam, Dad, Jason and Kobe for helping make mamaw's b-day special!

Oh and P.S. I finally after almost 7 months of Marriage I got a wedding band!!!

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