Thursday, April 26, 2012

April is comin' to an end..

I can't believe its almost May already.. The weather today is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Kobe has a soccer game tonight and it will be a great night to sit out at the soccer field and watch him.

So I've had my mind on Adoptions lately. Seems like alot of people I know have/are adopting.. I think that is the most wonderful thing in the world.. I'm following 2 adoption stories right now from people  around here. I love reading daily/weekly postings about their journey. I would LOVE to adopt. If I had the knowledge and money I would start the process right now. Jason and I are trying to have a baby and have been for (going on) 3 months. It's very frustrating when you see that hag "Aunt Flo" every month.. I always ask Jason.. "What if we can't have a baby?" He says we can adopt but I know its soooo expensive and deep down we probably could never go that route financially. So We'll just continue and see what happens and praying one day we'll get pregnant.. The thought of Kobe being my only child makes me cry. I want him to have lots of brothers and sister.. At least he has Clayton and Mikayla which makes me extremely happy. Kobe actually has a half brother, his biological father has a son that is older than Kobe. But I doubt Kobe will ever see him again which kinda bothers me knowing MY son has a brother out there in the world he'll never see. Ahhh.. I could go on and on all day about these topics lol..

Okay onto some exciting news..

I finally after 7 years got new living room furniture!!!! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.. I just wanted to sit across the room and look at it lol I'm sooo happy..

 I caught a turtle when we went fishing!
 This is what my child looks like after eating PB&J

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  1. Lots of prayers your way for baby!! I know what the wait it like and aunt Flow is a badword isnt she!!