Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lots to talk about since its been awhile.

I don't know why I wait soo long to blog.. Every night after Kobe goes to bed I think "ooh I need to blog, its been awhile." then I either get side tracked by Facebook, Pinterest, TV shows or my Hubby. So here is whats been going on in our lives lately..

We celebrated Ms. Mikayla's 3rd Birthday..

We also celebrated Loodle's 6th Birthday aka Olivia
Olivia had a Pool Party, indoors of course.

Kobe and I saw our first 3D movie.. We saw Dr. Seuss' Lorax.. it was a very good movie and we LOVED the 3D effects..

We had the entire theatre to ourselves until 1 minute til the movie started.. then 2 moms and their 5 kids together sat RIGHT beside us... the whole theatre and they sit by us LOL

Kobe started soccer again this year.. He sat out 2 seasons because he would have still been in Micro Soccer and he seemed "bored" with it.. now he is in u-8 and it seems to be so much "bigger" than Micro lol... I haven't got a picture yet of him but I will have one soon.. his first game is this Saturday

We went to the City Park for an Easter Egg hunt.. NOW I remember why I never went before.. woah.. some of these ppl I've never laid eyes on in my life.. pretty sure these people crawled out of the woodwork.. and parents were cheating LOL I mean come on.. this is for the kids.. parents were running around gathering all the eggs they could.. I'm not talking about helping point eggs out for their preschoolers.. I'm talking, them RUNNING.. Getting the eggs and YELLING at their kids it was insane LOL...
 Kobe got 31 eggs.. which I thought was pretty good.. he was happy ;)

Friday before Easter we colored Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny brought tons of goodies and hid eggs outside this year :)

 No we didn't hunt Easter eggs in the night.. we were up THAT early lol before the sun..
Later that day we headed to church with my Grandparents.. After Church we went straight to my in-laws house and had dinner.. then straight from there to my family dinner at my Grandparents.

Its was a VERY fast paced day.. Well fast paced weekend for that matter... This weekend coming up should be a relaxing one.. but we shall see.. ;)

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  1. We were also up before the sun on Easter!! Glad to see you back blogging :)