Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello March..You always seem to disappoint

First off we are having amazing, crazy, scary weather.. For example.. March 2nd.. Schools were dismissed early at 1pm due to the threat of severe strong storms with tornadoes.. we once again (Praise God) were missed by these storms. How ever people all around us were not so lucky.. Henryville was a complete loss :(  Then March 5th there is a 2 hour delay because there is almost 3 inches of snow on the ground.. Then two days later its 70* outside...

I'm ready for March to be over already.. once again someone I know has been taken too soon.. Every year someone passes away in March.. first First Missy Sims, then Andy Jones, Andrea (Devine) Boes, Grandma Leavell, and now Brandee Wade.. I cringe when March starts to arrive for fear someone will pass away.. and it usually happens.. although last March it didn't thank God!

On a much brighter note.. My cousin Courtney (Hartz) got married March 3rd and I must admit I had the most HANDSOME date there!!!
I love him soo much!!!

Also we added to our family.. We adopted from the Animal Shelter.. a cat.. Her name is Tabby and she is SWEET.. I was not a fan of cats however this precious little girl changed my mind.. I fell in love with her..
And I have one happy son :)

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