Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a fish'n

Today the weather was gorgeous! If the wind didn't blow like a monsoon it would have been even better.. But we'll take it. J, Kobe and I headed out to fish for awhile. Jason was waiting on my Dad and Brother to come by and pick him up so they could go fishing on the river.. My Bestie and her daughter joined Kobe and I for some fishing and playing in water :) We all had a good time and are looking forward to more times like today :)

Excuse my hair and Face LOL But I've decided to add more pics of ME in blog posts lol
  Kobe with his first catch of the day.. He caught 4 all together..
Little Lady Bug drinking her Kool-aid
Cuttin the huge worms in half

Notice where my rearview mirror is? lol Thanks Kobe Lee...

1 comment:

  1. So cute. I love that you are adding more pics of you. The biggest complaint I get about my blog is that I am never in any of the pictures so you are doing better than me lol