Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday night we headed out to Glendale and camped all weekend with my parents, brother, sister and niece. It was sooooo HOT!! But thanks to this little guy,
It wasn't too bad over by our campsite.. I was very Thankful for my dad's furnace fan lol
Friday night Kobe kept waking up crying every hour if not more. I couldn't figure out what in the world was wrong with him. Then Saturday Morning he woke up with bites ALL over him..  They were so bad I about started crying when I would look at him. So I sprayed him good with bug spray and he went off and played .. well I left the camp ground about 11:30 because I had a baby shower to go to.. I won the first game there.. lol Whoop Whoop lol
 Isn't Felicia precious???

But anywho.. when we got back to the camp site.. Kobe came up to me and his bites were worse.. they were huge and swollen.. so I came back in town and took him to Quick Care. He was acting, well... just NOT Kobe. He was sluggish.. Dr. Lohano (Kobe's Family doctor) was working and he said it was just a bad case, the worst he's ever seen, of bug bites and he was sluggish because of all the poison in him. I told him I get chewed up like that too.. so he looks at Kobe and shrugs his shoulders and says "You get new Mom then" lol thanks Dr. L. He sent us off with a Rx for some strong Benedryl to take for 5 days. He slept in the camper with my parents the last 2 nights to prevent more bites. His bites are still visible but nothing like what they were.. Thank God.

Other than the HOT weather and the annoying bugs we had a great time camping. Although my foot was swollen for some reason the whole time.. and I have bug bites all over my ankles and feet. Check out that tan line LOL.. I NEVER tan so I'm proud of this faint line lol

Every night except Saturday night (because I took Tylenol) I woke up to SEVERE Charlie Horses. Friday morning I had one in each leg at the same time.. it was BAD. My legs are still sore from the cramps. My back is chewed up too.. So maybe I didn't have a good time LOL.. No I did. I love spending time like this with my family.. But Tent camping is rough. However our queen size, double decker, air mattress was very comfortable and kept air in it well. However I am NOT unpacked. As I glance over to my right I can see the mess of camping sitting here in the living room.. I try to ignore it but I can't lol so I guess I'll get on that soon.

We did A LOT of Minnow hunting lol

 Here are some of Kobe's finds
 Waiting on Minnows to swim by
 The whole family was in on it LOL
 Mom and I at the babyshower..
 Water Balloon fight!
 Kobe waiting for uncle Adam to get the boat ready to go fishing.

 My Parents Retro Camper lol
 Our Tent

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