Monday, May 21, 2012

May 18-20 (2012)

First off this is what my son looked like when he came home from school Friday lol
This is a dirt line not a tan line LOL

Friday night.. I went on a boat for the first time EVER! I was sooo nervous.. My brother Adam called to see if Jason and I wanted to go fishing with him and the girl he's seeing. It wasn't bad.. but I shouldn't have had my first boat experience at night. It was peacefull. The stars were so bright. There wasn't a moon Friday so that made the stars seem even brighter... It was very romantic actually.. until we kept hearing this noise. It sounded like someone was throwing huge rocks into the lake. Only thing is it was over on the tree line where it would be hard for ppl to be over there.. Adam shined the spot like over there and we couldn't see anything but big huge splashes and eerie fog looked like a scene from a horror movie.. We first thought it was fish jumping until we realizes the splashes were too loud and big for fish. So Adam shined the spot light over there again and we didnt see anything.. by this time I was scared lol I just knew it was Big Foot and he was going to come over and get us. Jason thought maybe it was a bob cat trying to get the toads close to shore.. That's almost worse than Big Foot. We FINALLY found out what it was.. a BEAVER lol it was smackin its tail on the water to try to scare us away.. It won.. I was scared lol.. I was just relieved to find out it was not Big Foot lol.

Saturday was Kobe's last soccer game.. I'm sooo bummed to see it end. He did soooo well this year. I was sooo proud of him. He scored alot of goals this season. They had a real good season. Only lost 2 games. They don't really keep score.. but of course the kids always do. They lost their last game 2-3 but Kobe had one of the 2 goals that were scored.. Kobe had an AWESOME coach this year.. Shannon (Cox) Strange.. she is awesome.. she taught Kobe alot about soccer.. and made him very interested in it. I can't wait til he's more mature and learns the game alittle better.. I think he'll be really good in the years too come. Kobe's little team did really well.. I'm proud of them all.

After Kobe's game Saturday.. Mom and I headed down to New Albany for my cousin's Fiance's bridal shower.. We had a good time.. but it was a long drive.. 2 hours. I got too see her be herself around her family and friends and I understand why TJ fell in love with her.
 Lisa and her Cake..
All the gifts.. I will admit my wrapping paper was the cutest hahahaha Mine's the polka dot package with the green bow ;)
The Apron I got Lisa.. I loved it and I'm ordering myself one :)
The prettiest girl there was Miss Kamrin Lynn
While I was down in New Albany.. Jason and Kobe went with my dad and Adam to the river fishing. They pulled onto a sandbar and let Kobe get out and run around.. he collected a bunch of seashells.. he was very proud of them ;)

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