Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hornaday = FUN Day!

Today I only had one child I watch so we took off to Hornaday Park.. Its the best FREE thing to do around here.. even it it is a 10-15 minute drive. First we headed to the Splash Park..
It was sooo cold at first I thought to myself that this might border line on Child Abuse LOL.. But they loved the water no matter how cold it was..

After about 45 minutes of that.. we headed on over to the play ground.. the park is sooo nice.. and HUGE.. they have a play ground for older kids with monkey bars (which Kobe scared the crud outta me on) and swings and jungle gyms.. The kids loved it.. plus they have wooden swings with shades over them for the parents to sit and watch the kiddos...

The kids played for about 30 minutes and then got hungry so We packed up and I got them a nutritious meal and drink.. We came back and had a little picnic.. After that they wanted to go to the "baby part" to play.. since no one was there and I was done being scared by Kobe's stunts on the big boy stuff I was more than happy to play down there.. they had such cute things to play on...

 WHAT?!?!?! McDonalds isn't nutritious? hahahaha Dang there goes my "Mother of the Year" Award.. shoot..

Anywho check out these cool swings!!! Love THEM!

 This made Me relax alittle more hahaha he looks soo big against these baby toys lol
then guess where we went.....

 Yup back to the splash park... It had warmed up so they enjoyed it more lol

Ewww this is my son's cup LOL

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  1. Wow, that is a nice park. Where is it? I will have to remember that when we are back in Indiana. Also, Isabelle has a nutrious McD's happy meal at least once a week lol so I am on your level LOL