Monday, June 27, 2016

I have the best family!

Summer is in full swing around here.. Its so weird to be off of work. Its so nice BUT the struggle of a one income and that one income the hours are slow makes us struggle even more.. but hey you do what you gotta do. I just bought 3 nights of groceries and sugar at the store and only spent $17 something thats about $5 a meal!! When I have a budget .. I BUDGET!  I could have spent less if I would have went to Ruler instead of Save-a-lot. If I was at home Ruler would have been closer than Save-a-lot but I  was in at my parents so I went in town before I came home. Now they might not be the most nutritious meals but hey we'll have our bellies full lol.. Tonight we are having hotdogs on the grill and baked bean. Tomorrow night Fish and French Fries and Wed night Beef Stew and rice with butter bread. I'm not to sad that I don't have to cook big ol meals lol Sometimes us moms need a break!

Here's a little thats been going on...

Me and Amanda took the kids swimming the other day.. we had so much fun! The kids had a blast and were all so well behaved! We had a good day.. Noah loved the water and kept wanting us to let him "down" in the big pool. He didn't understand that his feet wouldn't touch the bottom even if we did let him down lol

I tried to get Kobe coming out of the slides lol but he was too fast..

him waiting on Liv to come out lol

Over in the gated kiddie pool the big kids had lots of fun LOL

Noah going down his water slide lol

My Hydrangea is finally growing!!

Jason and Kobe out shooting guns

We celebrated my Grandma's 75th Birthday June 23rd

Yesterday we went out to my Grandpa Solliday's house and did his yard work for him for a nice surprise.. He went to the nursing home to feed my Grandma and when he came home we were almost done with it.

 Mom and I went to get lunch for everyone

Oh and an update on my dad. He still has his ol drain tube. He goes to the doc this Thursday.. hoping it comes out!

Just wanted to give a little update before I forget and have to have another cram session!

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