Sunday, June 19, 2016

Adam's Wedding!

My baby brother finally got married June 11th. His wedding was so much fun and I was glad I got to be part of his special day.. I couldn't pick out a better wife for him if I had to. I love his wife Krista! We get a long soo well and we are pretty close. She is someone I could call and ask to go shopping in E-ville with or something like that. not to many sister in laws do that. Here are some pics from that day and some others

Thursday before the wedding Mom and I met Krista and 3 other bridesmaids at the nail salon and got Manis and Pedis for the wedding! It was so much fun! Mom had a blast and that made it even more fun for me.

 Getting my Mani
Krista getting her nails done

My nails

Mom's nails

Mom and I after we got our nails one

Friday night we had rehearsal for the wedding and then ate pizza afterwords.

Then Saturday Morning Amanda and I went and got our hair done at Fiesta in town. Only because it would have been silly for us to drive to Jasper and back to town so we just stayed local.

Since I'm the only one who knows how to take a pic of EVERYTHING we do lol(just kiddin lol) There aren't pics of me getting my hair done but this is an after "selfie"

Amanda getting her hair done.. By the awesome Emily

After I got my hair done I went to pick up Mom and headed to the church so all the moms and bridesmaids could get ready with the bride..

 Mom and I
 My sister Amanda and I
 Me and my new sister Krista
 Me and the hubby
 I loved our dresses! This is one bridesmaid dress that we can cut short and wear again..

 Me and my Aunt Denise
 My Aunt Denise and My Dad..

 My Mom and Aunt Denise

 My Mom and My baby boy.. Kobe Lee
 My Aunt Denise and Sister Andrea (these are Denise's picture she sent me I'm SO glad she is like me and camera happy)
 My sister and Grandparents
 My mom with her girls.. My sister, and Niece Olivia

My family <3 p="">
 He had to come in and get a picture with Krista before the wedding..

 And of course with one of his heroes Uncle Adam

Party Bus Time..
After the wedding the bridal party got on the bus and headed to the reception.

 Sorry for this pic Krista but its the only one I got of you guys on the bus..

Kobe had to take my phone and some selfies lol

 Bridesmaid speech

 lol They were listening to TJ's stories he told for his best man speech lol

 Giving his speech

 Their first dance...
They danced to Dan and Shay's song "From The Ground Up"
 Mother Son dance
They danced to George Strait's song "I cross my heart"

Kobe and Liv danced the whole night.. She's so much taller than him and 5 weeks younger too lol

Dad and the boys singing AC/DC

The pretty cake and cupcake table..

thats all I have from that night.. I should have took lots more.. oh well lol It was an awesome night!!

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