Tuesday, June 7, 2016

All this Crazy going ON!

This is what happens when I don't blog like I'm supposed to.. I have a blog jammed packed with things and I have to go WAY back.. but whats new right? lol

Which brings us back to Easter lol.

We had Easter dinner at My parent's this year!

Over Spring Break Kobe and Liv found a new love for skate boarding and scooter riding so we spent a lot of time at the Skate Parks

Even Noah loved it lol

After living here almost 4 years we have finally redone our landscaping

We had our first camping trip in our camper!

Kobe loves when I take his pic lol This is a well visit, Dr. K and I have been trying to get Kobe's weight back down. The end of the year of 2015 Kobe gained some weight and had went up 2 pant sizes He weighed 107.9 in January. When we went back to the doctor in March he weighed 105.6. Dr. K as VERY pleased with his weight loss and made me feel like I was doing something right :) Today Kobe weighs 100.1 by our home scale.. he has went down a pant size and down 2 shirt sizes. I'm very proud of him. He has WAY more confidence and thats the most important part. We went through a tough period when he had low self esteem. Just this weight loss has boosted his self esteem and THAT is what I'm most thankful for!

We finally decided it was time to get a water softener since our hard water was tearing up everything.. Our dish washer doesn't work, our hot water heater is on its last leg and our ice maker is acting up.. So we got one from Hamilton's and I'm so glad we did. Jason decided to drain the water heater and clean it out.. This is just a faction of what came out of our water heater...

On May 1st we celebrated Mom's Birthday. Amanda and I got her beautiful flowers. The following weekend we had a hail storm and this was mom's poor flowers after

Jason and I made steps for the camper.. well mainly Jason, but I flicked the chalk line and held the wood while he cut some things lol

On Mother's day Jason fixed BBQ Pork chops

Kobe got my this beautiful fern

 I got this cute little thing at work for all my help with ISTEP

And a flower for teacher appreciation week

I cleaned Kobe's back pack out one day and found this. I love that he has goals!

We had Krista's Bridal Shower!

Kobe's school had BoxTop awards and Kobe got 13th place

He won a Family Video package!

"Fun Day" at school! I was so glad I get to be there and experience it with Kobe. I love working at his school!

Human Foosball

Kobe's Championship Soccer Game

First Place!!!

Talent show on the last day of school.. My step daughter Mikayla playing the doctor in her class's skit

She did SO good. She didn't act shy at all.. This was in front of the whole school.

My stepson Clayton (in the blue with gray shorts) and his class singing the National Anthem

Sack lunch outside at school



Kobe (With Michael and Chris)

 Monday the 23rd of May after Kobe and I got out of school, we headed to the camp ground. Dad and Jason were already there setting up the campers.

Our first breakfast I cooked..

Home made Beanie Weenies

This was the day before my baby boy left to go to Flordia for 8 days!

 Jason scratching all my bites open and puttin meds on my legs.. hahahah what a good hubby

Adam and Jason got up at 4am to start smoking the pork butts


Our cute little Retro Camper

This is the start of our intense cornhole games. Everyone tried to beat Adam and Garret It started out Dad/Jason Vs. Adam/Garrett

Then Me/Krista vs. Adam/Garrett

 Then Jason and I almost beat them TWICE. we would have one if Adam wouldn't have said we cheated every time we got ahead lol

Then we ended the night with Jason and Liv.. who almost beat them too.. But sadly
Adam and Garrett won the "tourney" lol Until next time!
 We even had a "spot light" since it was so late we couldn't see lol I'm sure everyone in the camp ground just "loved" our loudness.. We even had a lot of people stop and watch as we were playing lol

So let me tell you all about dad.. On Tuesday morning (5/31/16) I got a call from Mom at 7am sayin she brought dad into the ER at 3:30 that morning because he was in severe pain again (He was sick most of the camping trip with pain/vomiting) come to find out his appendix had burst causing him to have a huge abscess on his appendix. Well come to find out they couldn't go in and remove it with a laser because he is one of 8% of the population that their appendix is up behind the colon. Since he's diabetic they didn't want to go in and open him with a huge incision. So they sent him to St. Mary's in Eville to have a procedure done. They put a drain tube in his abscess to drain it and gave him constant antibiotics. He was in the hospital from Tues morning til Saturday morning..

Mom and I waiting in a fancy waiting room at St. Mary's for Dad to come out of his procedure

 Dad right after his procedure up eating and drinking. He had a horrible ride to and from St. Mary's in the ambulance.. and he'll tell you ALL about it too if you wanna hear about it hahaha or even if you don't want to hear he'll still tell ya LOL.

 Saturday he got to come home. He was VERY happy and so were we. My brother gets married this coming Saturday so we have to get him on the mend back to himself.. As of today he's doing good. Still getting yucky stuff out of his drain.. but its not going to heal over night... this could take days or weeks or who knows. He was sent home on 2 oral antibiotics so lets hope this heals and he won't need to have surgery after all.. *Finger Crossed* and Praying that doesn't happen.

That same Saturday my boy came home from Florida. He had been gone for 8 days with his friend Peyton. He got to go on their family vacation to Peyton's Grandma's house. They did ALL kinds of awesome things. They went to Busch Gardens where he rode his FIRST EVER roller coaster! After he called me to tell me he rode one I got online to look it up. I was in shock LOL this is what he rode for his first coaster experience!

The Montu
 picture credit
Then he went on 2 more

The Cheeta Hunt


Then he went on this.. which is more My speed LOL

picture credit

He had a blast! They also went to the Kennedy Space Station and an Alligator Farm

He brought us home these cute coffee mugs too..

Here are some other things he got for himself

A rain Stick

A real gator head

This cool thing from the Space center

All the shark teeth brought back with him

Jason put them in a shadow box for him to display

Here are some pics that Sara and her Aunt took during the trip!

I know I say this all the time.. but I'll try my hardest not to wait so long in between blogs lol..

Next up... Adam's Wedding!!!

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