Monday, July 18, 2016

What a busy July so far!

I can't believe how fast our summer vacation is going. It's nuts! We've been enjoying our time off and I'm glad I've been off since everything that's going on with dad. So I'll just tell you how our July has been going..
July 1st dad got his drain tube out.. We were sooo happy! 

We all went camping from July 1st-4th

This is mom and dad's new(to them) camper they got.. this is only their 2nd time camping in it!

Here are some inside pics

Kobe spent most of his time chopping up fire wood..

He built this fire
  and spent the rest of his time with Oscar

The rain put a damper on our camping trips a couple days but we made the best of it..

Thankfully this wasn't our site.. it was the one behind us

Cookin some sausage

Kobe found a turtle

It was raining again!

 Packed up and ready to go home

The fire was still going strong in the pouring rain

 Heading home.. still rainin

Even though our camping trip was a soggy one we had fun!

We didn't do anything on the 4th of July because we had just got home from camping and didn't feel like it. So we ordered pizza from the Amish pizza place and stopped by a "mom and pop" fire work store that had awesome prices.. We got some fireworks to let off and that was that lol

On Saturday July 9th we had our towns Bicentennial Celebration with a HUGE parade!!

The parade lasted well over and hour! Then the next day they had a Family Day down in the park.. It was hot but fun!

Kobe got to dunk someone in the dunk tank lol he thought that was fun.

Kobe D for the WIN!!! lol

Kobe with the first place float! He loves when I make him pose lol

This is what he got for winning the dunk tank thing

The produce patch finally has their Ace's High sweet corn so I got to break out my Pioneer Woman stock pot and cook from corn!

Speaking of Pioneer Woman.. I think thats a good name for myself hahaha.. Jason and I have been canning our green beans with a PRESSURE COOKER!! I mean com'on how Pioneer can you get with that? 

We would have more green beans but we think someone has been picking them.. we aren't sure who but we notice beans missing and I'm not too happy..

On a brighter note.. I'm teaching Kobe how to cook.. I mean he can already make Grilled Cheese, Ramen Noodles (yes we have these in our pantry) scrambled eggs, pitcher of sweet tea/Koolaid  he can read directions on a box. Last night he made me and him some orange jello for today lol.

So the other night he helped me make Homemade Chicken tenders, Homemade mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

I peeled the potatoes and he cut them all up for me.

He dipped the chicken in the butter and I breaded them in the ritz cracker crumbs. 

He got the frying pan out and filled it with oil and turned the heat on for me.

He filled the stock pot with water and butter for the corn and then dropped the ears in when ready.

He got the potatoes in water and put them on the stove.

He watched me a few times frying the tenders then he wanted to try. He would even place the tenders in and flip them. He did a VERY good job and he loved it.. I loved it. Not only was it a HUGE help to me we got to do some major bonding.. which was nice since we've been arguing a lot lately...

This is our meal we made..

And last but not least.. this has been going on and still going on...

The week of July 4th Dad started having some pain where his drain tube had been.  A week later he was pretty sore and we just figured it was from having the tube pulled out. They did a CT scan and saw there was some fluid left in the appendix cavity where the drain had been. The doctor started dad back on antibiotics to get that cleared up but the pain kept getting worse and worse.. On Thursday July 14th the doctor told dad he was going to do the Laparoscopic surgery and go in and get that old appendix(what was left) out and also do an exploratory surgery to check everything else out. So July 15th dad went in for surgery and they had to end up opening him up anyways since they found his appendix had formed a new abscess. After they got that all out and cleaned up they discovered that his colon was up in the cavity where his gallbaldder used to be(had it removed several yrs ago) and it was pinning other organs as well up with it so they got all that straightened out as well.  Dad is in a lot of pain and not eating much.. he ate a chicken strip.. ONE chicken strip yesterday (7/17) but he did drink the protein drink the surgeon ordered.. I haven't talked to him or mom to see how he is doing today but I'll post an update later in the week... So thats about all thats going on so far in July.. Until next time...

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