Sunday, October 12, 2014

This happened..

I don't even remember what all I've talked about its been awhile since I last blogged. I'm just going to ramble.. Maybe I haven't talked about it maybe I have lol..

Check out these monkeys lol

Soccer started.. So far we have won every game.. which doesn't count since they only look at the tourney.. But we still know it and make it count lol..

Kobe showing his love for sports lol

The best Ice Cream in town.. Cake batter!! YUM

My brat for a cat

Celebrated my brother's birthday

Noah had his first piece of cat thanks to Adam..

Kobe's 3rd grade picture

Watching the car cruise

Our Neighbors made us squash pie

Kobe got attacked by ground wasps.. this was 3 of the 7 stings.. one being on his scalp

Celebrated my cousin Lucas's birthday - Redneck style.. with a shooting match.. Jason won $20 woohoo!!

also Pumpkin carvings

Also had a hayride

Kobe almost missed all the fun because he went to his first IU Soccer Game with a friend..

But made it back in time for the Hayride

Adam deciding which hat to wear on the hayride..

I made chicken and dumplings

Noah discovered if he's just get IN the toybox it would be more fun

I introduced Kobe to Clue

We celebrated our 3rd wedding Anniversary!

 Jason got me a new wedding set!!!

I get it back tomorrow!

 He was supposed to be just shaking the container to play with it.. next thing I know this happened lol

We celebrated Miss Kara's 1st birthday last night..

Thats about it for now.. not really a "blog" more like a Photog lol.. Oh well.. until next time..
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