Sunday, September 7, 2014

Slacky Ms. Slackerson...

Once again I have slacked.. Its been over a month since I blogged.. I had so many intentions to blog.. just never did.. the first part of August we dropped our previous internet provider since we only got 10G for $72 a month and we would max out that 10G after 3/4 of the month.. leaving the other 1/4 internet-less.. BUT if we paid $5 for a "Token" they would provide us with another 1G.. it was a joke.. so we got a new internet provider we LOVE!!! for only $65 UNLIMITED usage!! Whoop Whoop!!

So here is whats been going on.. Might not be in order so forgive me..

 I celebrated my 31st Birthday.. UGH 31.. thats seems so much older than 30.. ugh 31.. that just seems so.... OLD!! Blah! We celebrated with dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant.. I was bummed because I usually get Fried Ice Cream.. they gave me some nasty Flan crap.. it was GROSS!! But my guys did get me this new Vera Bradley for my birthday!!! I LOVE it! This picture doesn't do it justice!

Its very bright!! I'm one of those ppl who think Birthdays should be a BIG DEAL! Well mine kinda sucked.. I didn't even get to blow out candles.. heck I didn't even get a cake until a few days later.. I know ..I know.. I KNOW! I'm 31 I dont need this big "to-do" but damnit I want IT!! LOL! I'm just a big old baby LOL.. OH my parents got me a matching lanyard and coin purse to match my Vera set..

Here is the cake the guys got me..

We went to the Auction at my Great Aunt and Uncle's.. It was sad to see all their stuff going to complete strangers.. I had  moments when I saw certain things being bid on that I thought.. *Joyce Ann would NOT be happy thats going to her/him* It was hard to watch.. Its still hard to believe they are gone.. The other day I was driving down the hwy and passed a car like theirs. I always saw them out and about.... it made me sad that I'll never see them driving down the road again.. but anyways. I did happen to snap this precious picture of My dad and nephew!!

I made a Zucchini cake from scratch!!


These are moths/butterflies that were in our yard.. that is Kobe's size 3 foot by them to show their size

Are chickens started to lay!!

Noah's first graham(sp?) cracker.. he LOVED it!

 We got busted by his Mommy lol

 Noah tried to take over Mamaw's breakfast.. LOL

We went to the Turkey Trot this weekend!

He rides big kid rides now :(

There he goes

Noah watching the rides

Olivia joined the fun!

Rode the big ferris wheel .. Liv was a little nervous but she then found out she LOVED the ride LOL.. I'm shocked Kobe was wanting to ride this!

Then they got stuck on TOP!! lol (Just while they were loading new kids)

Then we all headed down to the concert where we watched Aaron Tippin!! He was such a great performer!!!

Then today Kobe, my niece Liv and cousin's son Ashtin pig wrestled!!

Olivia's pretty nails!!

The aftermath!!!

Little stinker asked if I wanted a hug LOL.. I was tempted.. since he doesnt hand those out much anymore..

Then we headed over to the Demo..

After that we went to the store got stuff to grill out..

Here are our chickens!!

BBQ Pork Steaks

Kobe rode his dirt bike...

 Yes thats my son LOL

Our melons didn't do to well this year.. it was our first time growing them..
Honey Dew and Watermelon..

So thats it.. I think LOL It may be a boring life to some but it's our life and I love every minute of it!!

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  1. So glad you were at the auction. It really helped having our family there, but it was so hard to see their things go. :( I miss them terribly!!!!!

  2. So cute! I like reading your updates! :)