Tuesday, October 28, 2014

*Que Queen* and go...

..."We are the champions - my friends. And we'll keep on fightingTill the end...We are the champions...We are the champions"

Thats is RIGHT Ladies and Gents!!! My baby boy and his awesome team mates are the u-10 City CHAMPIONS! 

The Falcons went all season undefeated.. and won their tourney as well!! I know its not all about winning.. its about having fun and loving the game but dangit winning feels great and those kids deserved it.. they played hard and played so well together!

Pre-game warm up.. Kobe is the3rd one but his 2 best friends are in the front so I thought I'd still share this pic..

The Friday before Kobe was out of school for Parent teacher conference.. I had one scheduled for 9 but when I woke up that morning I was in sever pain with these dang sinuses of mine.. and I could barely move with out coughin my fool head off.. so I called into the school to see if we could reschedule.. well they sent me to his teacher directly and she said I really didn't need to come in.. that Kobe is such a great student. That he was ahead and she has no complaints except that he would slow down a bit on his work a little.. she said he's always the first one done lol.. I told her.. yeh thats pretty much how he lives his life in every day life lol. He is one of a hand few of children that have started the multiplication on his math times test thingys whatever they are called (Hims didn't get hims momma's smarts lol) So he's doing great and she loves having him in class.. which we are soo glad and Kobe loves her and has from day 1. 

So anywho I started feeling better after a dose of Sudafed.. since I was off work and Jason was off work and Kobe didn't have school we headed to E-ville and went to do some shopping to get Kobe some winter clothes (p.s. didn't find a single thing I liked) and we decided to surprise Kobe and have lunch at Gatti Town! Love that place! Gatti's is my favorite pizza!! Of course we hit the game room after we ate..

The world's larget crane/claw game I have ever seen!!

 I was trying to get a few pics of the gorgeous trees but It was kinda hard 

I woulda had my co-pilot take them but yeh... that would be him but isn't hims sooo cute!?

I got caught snappin this pic lol

Love my new mirror??? Paid $1 for it

Not even 24 hrs later..

I was not happy!!

Here are a few other pics..

These pics do no justice.. the sky was amazing last night..

Belly thinks my tub is her bed

Preview of Kobe's costume I made today.. all these crafts and a "bloody" stained hand lol totally worth it.. You'll have to wait to see the finished product on Halloween!! I can't wait!!

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