Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We got a HOUSE!!

Chase's dream was to buy a fixer upper and do what he wanted to it. Well that was NOT my dream. In fact I was 110% AGAINST this idea! I just didn't understand the reason to buy a house that needed work when you can buy one that was move in ready. So Chase found this house and we went and looked at it. After I saw the house and the potential it had my mind changed lol. So we took the house and are giving it some major TLC. Its going to be a very LONG process to get it the way we want it because we are planning a wedding and then right after that we are trying for a baby. So I told Chase we had to at the LEAST paint the kitchen, it was awful. The walls needed built up. The color was mint green, really?!? mint green?? LOL

The Living room and dining room walls are painted ARMY GREEN.. Who the hell paints walls Army green??? Well after getting my khaki colored furniture in the house the green walls kinda look nice LOL.. and well my dining room is patriotic so there for the green works there too lol.. so now I kinda like the green walls lol...here are some pics to get you an idea of the house..This is the back of the kitchen.. the door with the coat is to the basement then the next room is the laundry room then the bathroom

AFTER.. When we were paint this color I was scared LOL it looked like chocolate milk LOL But I LOVE it now that its all done lol

Laundry room

Bathroom.. its our next project..

Kobe's room.. the door way behind him goes to our room ...ugh yes a joining room lol but there is a door between lol... the door way on the right goes to the dining room

This big closet but is used for Kobe's hiding spot right now..
Do you see the stuff in the middle of the green walls?? That is a shelf that goes all the way around 3 walls.. its deep enough to sit little knick knacks on... I kinda like that..

this is from the dining room looking into the the living room (the french doors is our bedroom)

This is our room the french doors go to the living room and the white door goes to kobe's room

Looking in our room from the living room I am puttin mini blinds up on the french doors tho lol Oh and thats our ghost friend waving at the camera lol

another view of the living room

view from the living room to the dining room... See the built in hutch.. I LOVE that.. and the entery way there between the two rooms thats my favorite part LOL

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  1. congratulations! it looks like it has lots of character. we have dark green in our house, haha. enjoy your new place, andrea!