Monday, February 21, 2011

Boo to sickies!!

Saturday afternoon we spent about 2 hours out at Quick Care. Mr Kobe was seen by Dr. Porter who I love.. We were told he has Bronchitis, his ears weren't infected but "sunken in". He was prescribed an antibiotic (3tsp twice a day - kinda thought that was alot) breathing treatments, and an oral med for his bronchitis. Poor guy was pretty sick.. he's still real pale and I think he's lost some weight or maybe he's just getting taller.. I hope that's it.

After the doctor we went to the pet store ONLY because I promised him we would.. we were in and out... (there goes my mother of the year award) Kobe was cracking up at the Iguanas giving each other a "piggy back ride" lol I'm not sure if they were mating or if it was just an innocent "piggy back ride" lol
I Looked out the dining room window Saturday and I saw these flowers over by my neighbors house so I went out too take a pic. My Grandma had the name of these flowers but I forget.. she said they will even come up through a snow covered ground.. which bummed me out LOL I was hoping this was my sign its spring time lol

Sunday Evening Kobe was feeling better and BEGGED me to play outside.. I didn't think the fresh air could hurt him so I agreed.. we decided to play badminton it was really fun and we had a great time.. I want to apologize ahead of time for the pics of ME.. but I figured I'd stick them on here anyways since I never have pics of me in them and Kobe snapped a couple while Chase and I had our match.. P.S. I beat him both times :)

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  1. It seems like there has been so much sickness this winter. Hopefully spring will make it all better. I am keeping my fingers crossed anyways. Glad he is feeling better. I can't believe he is five already. Time flies. He is such a cutie.