Tuesday, June 6, 2017


We had our 2nd annual week long camping trip!

We had a great time! For some reason we were all exhausted from camping. I mean it's really hard work sitting in a lawn chair all day LOL

Amanda Josh and kids started camping the weekend before our week.. then they ended up staying a few nights while we camped as well...

 Here I'm showing Noah his cheese face LOL. We bonded over some coloring while Amanda cooked dinner.

 Roxy was a GREAT camper! I was so impressed with her!

 Mom and Dad's camper.

 Our camper. We improvised since we didn't have an awning and used our E.Z.up, it worked great!!

 Found this pic on my phone so it MUST mean she wanted to be in the blog hahaha (Amanda show her this)
 Kobe and his bunk mate Roxy!

 When Roxy was in the camper she opened the sliding window herself so of course we had to snap a few pics LOL


 I took the kiddos fishing.. and all we got were Grass Bass.. aka moss LOL

 Kobe was a wood splitting fool while we camped! We stopped to take this photo for our friends the Riley Family to show we are #LawsonStrong

 A couple nights Jason had a bunk mate too LOL

 This was the first breakfast I made at the campgound! Sausage Gravy/biscuits eggs and sausage links.

 Kobe popped us some popcorn over the fire... Jiffy Pop is DELICIOUS! It tastes like Movie Theater pop corn and I mean the legit movies like up on Main Street LOL...

 Mom Kobe and I went to Princeton while we were camping and found this gem lol I sent a pic to my brother so he could drool over it lol.

 Mom and I stayed at the campground the next day while Dad, Jason and Kobe went to my parents to tear down some walls to start some remodeling.. We started to make dinner and realized we didn't have a can opener. We did NOT want to drive back in to town so I took action LOL I got that can open with no problem. Thanks to a hatchet my dad had laying around! Just call me Pioneer Woman LOL
 Thanks to my friends William and Whitney we now have a can opener in our camper LOL
Whitney saw my cry for help on SnapChat LOL

 So you can't see her in this pics but Roxy was on a tie out most of the time we camped because your dogs can't roam around (obviously) well Roxy went #2 one time and Jason cleaned it up and threw it in the woods. From then on out if Roxy went #2 she would go into the woods as far as she could with her tie out and do her business! She is such a SMART dog! We never did have to clean another mess up from her the whole week!

However we(Jason) DID have to clean up the mess of some pesky Raccoons! They kept knocking my parents trash can over and going through the trash. One night it was dark and we were sitting outside and we hear something out in the woods so we shined a light and it was a raccoon coming up to our site... and another one was trying to eat out of Roxy's bowl of food. Jason scared them off but they came back a second time.. They were brave little pests! Mom and I however were NOT brave LOL...

 This used to be a bedroom

 It was separated from the "landing" as we call it aka front porch
 That plastic is the living room for all you who know how my parents house is set up.

 Ceiling gutted... Stay tuned for more pics as the room gets finished..

Saturday morning I had to get up early. It was our day to leave the campground. I had to hurry pack up and head home and get ready to head down to my cousin TJ's house in Jeffersonville to go to him and his wife's gender reveal party!

It's a girl! I'm SO excited for them. I cried! I still cry when I watch the video!

We had a good day that was spent with family!!

Kobe stayed down in Jeffersonville with my cousin and his kids! He had a GREAT time!

My cousin's Fiancee took some pics of Kobe while he stayed with them..

Kobe getting put on Aunt Dee Dee's height wall

Kobe and Uncle Tom working hard lol

I'm so glad he spent some time with his cousins Joshua and Mia. It seems like it doesn't matter how much time is spend apart they never act like there was anytime since the last time they hung out :)

Family Time is the best time!

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