Monday, May 29, 2017

It's Summer!

So I should be packing for our week long camping trip. We head out today and I don't have the first thing even packed! But I decided to sit down and blog real fast since I'll have more to write about later! Sooo here is a little bit of whats been going on..

We spent an evening bowling with friends

 We replaced the ceiling in our camper

 Roxy got spayed... We don't want any little Roxy's running around

 After we got the ceiling up a storm came through and ripped our awning off
 We had a luncheon for the support staff which is me and some other ladies. Look how cute this is decorated...

 Student Council served the teacher's breakfast at school. This was Kobe's first year he was able to be in Student Council.. He loved it!

We've been fishing a lot..

 For Mother's Day I got a crock pot that you can sync with your smartphone and adjust the temp when you aren't home.
A humming bird feeder and stand
 Kobe got me a Bible

More fishing

 Fun Day at school

 Kicked off Summer!!!

Our Summer seems pretty full already.

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