Saturday, November 5, 2016

Soccer, Halloween and Basketball

Kobe ended his soccer season with a Championship Win!!! That makes 5 seasons in a row. They had to work for it this year and ended up on top again this year. They are going to be an awesome team come Jr. High and High School...

So we had our first annual Halloween Bash on the 29th. We had a great time with friends and family!

 The next day Kobe carved his pumpkin and we roasted seeds for the first time.. they were pretty good!

On Monday Halloween night we went trick or treating.. Jason even went with us!

All Kobe's "loot"

He even got 2 full size candy bars from 1 house!

I didn't think people did that anymore lol

So Kobe's Basketball games started! Our first game we played in our gym and we played a good game and lost by 1 point!

My little shorty (in the red sleeves)

  I love my number 51!!!

Kobe's second game we played at Lena Dunn and WON!!!

Today he got to play at the Hatchet house for the first time EVER

I can't wait until he up here playin for the Hatchets! I'm sure it will come too fast!

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