Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dental Dilemma

Kobe had been having some pain with his tooth. I was finally able to get him in to the dentist. We get there and he does x-rays and says Kobe is going to have to see a specialist. So his receptionist calls and finds us a specialist and sets up the appointment. So we finish the appointment with a cleaning then ended up having to get a tooth pulled. He even went to school after and tried out for the travel basketball team later that night in extreme pain. Which he did not make. That night and into the next morning we were up most of the night with Kobe in pain. He ended up staying at my parents house that day. Kobe, My Mom and I left to go to Indy that night and stay in a hotel since Kobe's appt was at 8:15 AM.

We left about 4:45 Wed night and got in Indy a little before 7. The drive wasn't too bad but I was a nervous wreck because it as getting dark and let's be honest 465 is a mad house at rush hour. We arrived safely  at the hotel, checked in and then looked for the closest Steak and Shake lol. We were all fussy and tried.. well Kobe and I were fussy. We ate then headed down to the pool. I'm glad Kobe wasn't in pain and could enjoy some swim time.

6AM came too early the next morning.

Kobe left this for the cleaning ladies LOL

 We got ready and headed down for their free breakfast. I as pretty impressed too. You could make your own waffles

or they had hot stuff

They had all kinds of stuff. Toast, biscuits/gravy, bagels, danishes, other pasteries, cereal etc. and it was good.

After breakfast we checked out and headed to the dentist or actually he's called an Endodontist. Kobe and I were both a nervous wreck. The had Kobe go back with out me to get x-rays. Then they called me back to talk about what they would be doing. When I got in the room Kobe was real weepy and shaking like a leaf. The office was real modern and just not what he was used to. He was scared and said he didn't like the atmosphere. They came in and gave him like 3 or 4 shots with this old school huge metal syringe with I swear a 3 inch needle. It was a bit much to take in. After that it took Kobe awhile to get called down. Then he was back to himself and calmed down.

 About 20 minutes had past and they came in and told me I had to leave. I'll never forget the look on his face it broke my heart. I was about to cry because I knew he was so scared. He did great though and came walking out like a pro. We go back in 6 months for a check up.

Since the poor kid had been through so much we took him to the Wonder Lab in Bloomington on our way home. It was ok but I felt he was a little too old for it. We still had fun.

We go back to our dentist tomorrow (Monday) to have the root canal process finished.then we will be all done.. Hopefully!? :)

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