Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oct 23, 2016

The end of October is sneaking up on us.. I can't believe how fast this month is going.. it will be Christmas before I know it.. I HAVE started Christmas shopping.. I have 4 people bought for! I have not started on Kobe's though. I've usually started by now. I'll get it done like I always do :)

So here is a little that has been going on..

We decided to have a weenie roast for dinner one night lol.. I only like hotdogs over a campfire..

This is what happens when you realize your son's soccer stuff is out in the van at 10:25pm the night before his soccer game..

 This saturday was his last regular season game. The tourney starts Tuesday

 Last Saturday Mom, Kobe, Noah and I went to the craft show in Jasper.. it wasn't a very good craft show.. or maybe we are just used to it since its the same stuff over and over.. they are even in the same booth spots every year.  But we still went and checked it out.. and mom bought a couple little things..

Taking a break

  Then on the way home from Jasper we decided we would go ahead up and park for the drawing at the K of C.. So from 4:30 til the 6 we hung out in the car lol

Noah did sleep most of the time though..

 We didn't win any money but we looked cute LOL..

So Kobe has started basketball for the school.

 Soccer isn't over yet so Tuesday night he had basketball from 3:30-5 then went straight to soccer from 5:30-7..

Good thing I packed him a pb&j to eat between practices ;)

Mamaw and Papaw bought Kobe some Steph Curry basketball shoes.. he was pretty pumped!

He has never played basketball before. He really doesn't know much about basketball and neither do I. When I was younger I went to 1 basketball camp and that was it lol I never played. We are a soccer family so this is new to all of us.. But he is determined to learn it and be good at it. Kids were telling him he sucked and pointing out everything he did wrong even his friends. He was really upset after practice one night. He wouldn't tell me at first. He would just tell me nothing is wrong but was such a butt to me. I could tell something was wrong. I know him better than he realizes lol. So finally he broke down and told me. I think I spent an hour crying over this. I hate when my kid is hurt/upset. I mean I don't think they were being mean, they are just being normal 5th and 6th grade kids. I wish he didn't take everything to heart. But he does. All I can do as a mom is try my best to build him up.

 If I can't do that on my own I bring in reinforcements.. I give you example A:

My niece Olivia. She helped Kobe with some basketball tips and now Kobe has gotten the "Lay Up" down for basketball.. and a lot of other things. She really helped him so much and it made me so happy that she was so sweet in helping him. She was so positive and supportive and never made any negative comments even when his lay up was horrible in the beginning. I'm very thankful he has someone like her in his life. Now don't get me wrong these two can fight like brother and sister but for the most part they get along great and are the best of friends!

Now let's talk about how I have fail my child.. I'm a horrible parent. I have not introduced Kobe to Hocus Pocus!!! My ALL time FAVORITE movie! I can't believe I've never showed him this movie. So I found it online at and we watched it on my laptop.

He loved it.. I knew he would.

So Last night while I was at the K of C Drawing my sister took Kobe and Olivia to the Haunted High Haunted House on Main Street. We made them go with lights on because we heard it was really scary and we didn't know if they would freak out or not and Amanda couldn't go in with them because she had Noah. Well I didn't know they didn't scare you lol so it wasn't scary at all. So it was kinda of a waste of ticket lol But I don't know if they are ready for the scariness lol. Maybe next year..

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