Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oct 13th 2016

It's almost Halloween!!!! My favorite time of the year!!! Yay! 

This year we are starting a new tradition with our family and close friends..

We are having our first annual Halloween bash!

In the past we've had a New Year's Eve bash which I think we might start back up but first we are going to start the Halloween Bash this year..

We have our costumes picked out and ready to go..

Here are a few of Noah helping Kobe try on some masks lol

Fyi.. this is not his costume lol

 It's a rare occasion that these two are sitting down and not moving lol so I had to capture the moment lol

The KofC in Washington has been having a big drawing each week So dad and I have been getting tickets and going up in the crazy madness to try and win the big jackpot.. This week the jackpot is over $700,000... they estimated 5-6,000 people up on Main street!

A few weekends ago we had the annual Car Fest. We love going up on Main street and watching the car cruise. Although it makes me sad because it kinda means summer is pretty much over..

We decided to "remodel" our bathroom.. more like give it a face lift lol

Here is before and after! I found a Shower curtain but haven't ordered it yet.. so the 
old one will have to do for now lol

Instead of buying all new towel rods and other accessories we spray painted them...

Kobe's soccer team was recognized at the High School boys game .. this was a first for the soccer federation. The boys loved it..

We had a Walk-a-thon at school for a teacher at Griffith and her family.. The school raised over $1500 ..

The winner of the Penny Wars got to dunk our principal in the dunk tank..

 The winners were the 4th grade.. and 2nd place was 5th grade which Kobe is in!! They came from dead last 3 days in a row to 2nd place..!!

They got to dunk the Dean of Students (which I didn't get a picture of)

Kobe said he wants this in his stocking for Christmas LOL

So the other day we rearranged the living room. Since our "entertainment center" is so LARGE we can only put the livingroom two ways.. I said I wish we had a smaller one so we could arrange the living room different. So Jason gets an idea we'll cut this one down so before I knew it he was up and moving the TV off and all the movies lol 

Here is our "new" entertainment center LOL..

Gotta love an ambitious man!

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