Thursday, September 20, 2012

Been too long

Its been forever since I have posted.. Over a month. We don't have Internet at the house yet, heck we don't even have satellite lol.. So I haven't been able to blog like normal. So this is going to be a cram session which I hate but o-well..

We celebrated my birthday with dinner at a local restaurant
My yummy fried ice cream

Then on my actual b-day the guys got me an ice cream cake from DQ and earrings

 Kobe has been doing AWESOME in school! Every Spelling test he has gotten 100% A+ except once it was an 110% A+.. He is listening and behaving like he should and getting "purple" a lot. They have a rocket ship that everyday they start on Green you can either go up from green or down from green. Up = good, down = not so good.. The colors range from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink being the best.. he's determined to get to Pink. I'm glad he sets his goals high ;) I have faith he can do it!

Kobe started Soccer a few weeks ago. He's on the Guppies this year. He's played 2 games so far. The first one they won 9-1 and the second one they tied 1-1. He's doing really well again this year. He is an awesome defender...

We enjoyed the Turkey Trot this year! The WHOLE weekend ;) Thursday the guys went to the Tractor Pulls while I was at a PTO meeting.. Then Friday after we celebrated Dad's B-day we all headed up to the TT to see the Kentucky HeadHunters. We were only there 15 mins and the severe Weather sirens were going off so we had to cut it short. But Saturday Kobe and I headed there at noon then at 2 we met up with the guys and watched the truck pulls which are EXTREMELY LOUD! I almost for got the best part.. I won a free pass off the radio to get into the TT all weekend.. So I was pumped :) We stayed til 10pm that night to see Casey James in concert. He's awesome and oh so handsome!!

The biggest news I need to mention, well okay there is 2 but the first one is My sister Amanda got engaged!! We are soo happy and LOVE the guy shes marrying! We can't wait to have Josh in our family!

The HUGE news is that we got Kobe a DOG!!!

His name is Camo! He is a Shih-Poo! He's only 6 months old and cute! Kobe loves him!

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