Monday, June 18, 2012

This past weekend I hit the 7 week mark.. So far baby has been nice to Mommy.. I've not been sick yet.. just the same with the waves of nausea at night.. nothing bad.. still sore boob though ;) I hope it remains this easy... I have purchased 2 items for the baby so far.. its so hard not to buy, buy, buy .. I did purchase this adorable little thing

I also purchased this Changing Table off Facebook for $10

Some other things that have been going on that I've wanted to document and haven't yet..

We had our 10 year Class Reunion on June 2nd.. It was nice and good to see some people I don't get to see that often..

Then on June 7th.. my cousin TJ and his Fiance were woke up by their neighbor banging on their doors and windows telling them their house was on fire.. Thank GOD that neighbor (who never wakes up in the night) woke up thirsty and saw that TJ's house was on fire and was able to get them to wake up and get out.. The house was a total loss.. But TJ Lisa and Koda (their dog) made it out safe.. Thank the Lord for their neighbor.. Also this was all with in a few weeks of their wedding coming up in June.. :(

Also my Grandma retired from the License Brand after 26 years.. I'm soo glad she's retired.. I think she needed this.

We've been getting some baby practice with Kamrin Lynn :) Kobe read Kami a story the other day... she loved it and sat so good while he read the entire book. She got real excited when he would show her the pictures... She is almost 4 months old already.. time flies so fast!
"Uncle Jason" loves him some Kami time too :)

And then of course we celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday ..

The small print on the shirt says "I don't discriminate, I hunt everything"

We had a boring and lazy weekend.. I kinda enjoyed it although the guys were soo bored.. we are used to being on the go go go so it was different to do nothing.. although the guys did enjoy some hot weather by washing the vehicles :)


  1. Nice deal on the changing table!! What are you going to call your blog once "little peanut" comes along?? So sad to hear about TJ's house, I have been thinking about him and his pretty little lady

    ps. I always loved seeing your gmas beautiful smiling face at the LB :)

  2. I never even thought about the blog name change.. now you got me thinkin LOL