Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winner Winner! Deer Dinner??!?!?!

J-Bird got a deer!! Yay! That means I'll have a freezer full of deer steaks/burger/roasts etc. As I type this the guys (Jason and My dad) are out cutting it off the deer right now. While my precious baby boy cleans the hair off of the meat lol. He is going to be a hunter at an early age. Jason already has taken him out to the woods with him when he went but they didn't see anything that day. I hope Jason gets a deer next time he takes Kobe. I would love to for Kobe to experience that. He has ran in here twice already and showed me his bloody hands from the meat. We got a total of 4 roasts, 30 steaks, 2lbs of meat for jerky and 30 lbs of meat for burger!!


  1. I love Kobe's face hahahaha...Hes so hard lol

  2. HAHAHA I know.. he has to be "cool" around the guys lol