Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wow...3 Years Ago!

On Oct 5Th it was 3 years ago my baby was in Riley Hospital with bleeding on his brain. Me and Tim (my now ex husband, Kobe's "father") were being accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Here's a short version of what happen...

In September Kobe had been vomiting and not keeping ANYTHING down for 12 days. Then on top of that he caught a cold and was coughing and coughing. So after his Dr. had us try everything and when he wouldn't even keep Pedalyte down I took him BACK in to the Dr. and said something had to be done well the nurse did all her nursely duties including Measuring his head. It had gone up from the previous time he was in there so the Dr. triple checked it and had Kobe Admitted in DCH to give him fluids and run tests on his head. So we were in the hospital 2 days and right before we were released to go home the Dr came in with the CT Scan results and said they found some fluid on Kobe's head and he would have to be sedated to have a MRI done, to get more details and that we would have to go the next day to Deaconess in Evansville to have the test done. So the next day off we were going to E-ville to have the MRI done. I was a mess at this point btw, especially since we didn't know what was going on and my 8 month old was going to be sedated! He did really well tho I was soo proud of him! So weeks went by and finally his Dr called me at work and asked if me and Tim could come to the Dr's office and talk to the Dr. So I called Tim's work and he came and picked me up from work. So we headed to the Dr's I was sick to my stomach btw! So we get in there and he had the MRI results in his hands and told us that there was bleeding on Kobe's head in between his brain and the brain lining and that he was sending us to Riley... So off to Riley us and my parents go, we get up there and no one knew anything about us coming and everyone was confused as to why we were there... and finally they got all their stuff straight and Kobe was admitted. But because we had gone up there before our Dr called we had Child Protective Services (CPS) thrown in our faces and they were telling us that we might have to leave with OUT Kobe if they find anything that links to his head bleeding from abuse. So they did EVERY test possible, Bone scan, Bio Nuclear Bone Scan (where they give him this stuff to turn his bones blue to see if there were any little spots they missed) Eye tests, hearing test, ect. U name it they tested him for it. Finally after all the test came back negative we were released a week later... We had doctors constantly in our room asking us the same questions over and over we probably saw like 10 doctors... it was a mess... and VERY scary to think in a matter of minutes we were being accused of hurting our baby and could possibly get him taken away for something we didn't even do. The bleeding was from his prolonged vomiting and coughing had busted tiny blood vessels. A year later after all that we had to go back to Riley and see his Neurologist and have another CT Scan to make sure everything was okay and it was NOTHING on his head this time. So his Neurologist released us from under her care.

I can't believe its been 3 years ago! It seems all too fresh in my mind to think its been 3 yrs! Wow time sure does fly!!


  1. Wow - this was previous to FB. What a terrible experience that must have been and to have accusatory looks pointed in your direction - wow, just wow. You can tell by seeing you with Kobe that you are a wonderful and loving Mom. He is blessed to have you in his life.

  2. Wow, that is so scary and sad! I would be so upset! Poor little baby so sick!

    I'm glad it all turned out fine in the end though!