Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving's Thankful Thursday!!

...say that 20 times fast LOL...

I'm soooo THANKFUL for:

Kobe Lee!! He is my pride and joy. Even tho I get stressed to the max some days I would never in the world trade him for anything! He is such a true blessing. He has brought so much joy in my life!

My Parents! They are the most loving, supportive,caring parents anyone could ask for! The help me out soo much.

My family for overcoming all this fighting lately and becoming one again! We had a rough few years with feuding among are family and am so grateful its come to an end!!

The strength I've had to be a single mom. Its a tough job, but rewarding.. in the end u can be like "I did that all by MYself"

I have alot more to be thankful for but these are a few that are on the top!! I hope you ALL have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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