Saturday, March 12, 2016

Just ONE time!

Just one time I'd love to punch my ex husband in the face. Just one time I'd like him to man up and explain to Kobe why he isn't in his life. Just ONE time I would like for Kobe to have peace with all this and have the answers he is looking for.

So yesterday Kobe asked if he could message his Tim on FB. I honestly did not want him too but I did tell him yes. Even though Jason and I thought it was a bad idea we both agreed that he needs to ask him questions and try to get answers for himself. Well Kobe ended up sending him a message asking "Do you remember me" and Tim replied back "yes I remember you" then some how Kobe's facebook got reported for being an under aged user. (Which YES I know he "shouldn't have facebook" but I monitor every thing that goes on with his facebook so I allow him. I may parent different than you so get over it lol) I almost guarantee it was Tim or his wife. Now I could be wrong but the puzzle pieces just fit too well together.. So Facebook wanted proof he is who he says he is. Well they wanted a photo copy of his ID and a piece of mail and some other form of ID.. So we just made a new account. IF he is the one who reported Kobe he is pathetic! All my son wants is answers. Why he chose to to step out of his life 8 years ago. Why he hasn't sent a birthday card, called, came by to see him etc. I hate this for Kobe. I could go on all day about this...

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  1. This is so sad. My kids are from a broken home too. It is not easy on kids.