Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What a day!!

WOW.. let me start off be talking about this crazy weather today! While Mom and I were in Vincennes today at Wal-Mart our phones started going off like crazy with severe weather alerts. Then tornado warning alerts. We had to ditch our cart and head into the ladies bathroom for shelter. Mom was nervous but I think mainly about our cart because we were close to being done and she was afraid ppl would take our stuff out of it lol.. But luckily we didn't have to hide in the bathrooms long.. so here it is December 23rd and its spring like weather with tornadoes!! CRAZY!

So I'm going to try to remember some things that have been going on in our lives... nothing too exciting!

I got school pictures lol This was a huge shock when I checked my mailbox at school to find these in there..

We had a Christmas Parade in town.. it was at night and everything was decorated in Christmas lights .. I really enjoyed it and so did the kids.

My parent's got those new Christmas lights

We Celebrated Jason's 33rd Birthday

When and watched my niece play Basketball

Just the two of us for 2 nights since Jason was working out of town

My cat sits here every morning and watches me get ready for work

I was awarded the best mom award (ok not really, a mom can dream right?) for putting a minecraft "Creeper" head on Kobe's Elf on the Shelf lol

We celebrated Leavell's Christmas with my Grandma's side of her family..

Grandma played the piano and everyone sang along

 Here is Noah mad at me for taking the picture hahahaha

 Mom and I doing some last minute Christmas shopping..

So nothing much going on here.. Kobe and I are on Winter/Christmas break from school. We are loving it but it is going WAY too fast!!!

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